Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Who Lives in Greenwich Village?


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I have a former classmate who would probably flip over this project, but I don’t have her email anymore. Maybe she’ll see this post. Yesterday I was checking out Variegated’s website and it led me over to artist friend links and on to Andy Brayman and Ayumi Horie’s collaboration. Unfortunately, the exhibit ended earlier this fall, but you can still visit it online.


The project combines the ecological history, urban grid, and interconnectedness of all species to inform a beautiful, 86-piece ceramic tile installation. Each tile represents a block of Greenwich village. The installation explores the ecosystems of where Greenwich village now sits back in 1609 when Henry Hudson arrived. It also celebrates the 100th anniversary of Greenwich House Pottery by layering a house map from 1909 into the design. Animals who lived in the area in 1609 are layered into the design as well To learn more about the project and to see more of the pieces, click here.


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