Friday, June 7th, 2013

Easy Ways To Window Box


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Is there anything more charming than a good old fashioned window box full of flowers? Even if it’s just old fashioned flowers like impatiens and geraniums, a window box cannot be beat. Here are a few simple formulas for windowbox success.

Start simple. It doesn’t have to be more than one variety of flower and hell, it doesn’t even have to be attached to the window. Sticks some pink geraniums in a rectangular planter, plop it on the wall or on a table and you’re done. Easy.

Same goes for lavender, or any herb for that matter. Especially if you’re in an apartment and want easy access to basil or rosemary – just plant it in a window box outside the kitchen window.

Go a little patriotic. Red, white and green. Impatiens and begonias look great from Memorial Day through the Fourth of July and may even keep on trucking through Labor Day. BTW, Creeping Jenny is available in some states, though you may have trouble finding it in others as its on the old invasive list. If you want to go super-patriotic, add some bluish-purple salvia or ageratums.

Go for a wildflower look. Lots of greens and dangling vines go great with a rustic garden. Verbena, sweet potato vine and trumpet creeper are good choices that will hang below the box.

Go for it. Once you’re comfortable with designing with window boxes, throw everything you know will work in there. So long as you have the right light, drainage, and check to make sure certain plants won’t become too large for the box, pack ’em in. Additionally, I always like to reassess a box after two weeks to see if it has any blank spots. It’s never too late to fill in with more plants, or replace one that has not fared well.

I love the brightly colored rectangular planters from Loll Designs for getting a window box started. They are great on railings or down the center of an outdoor dining table, and they come in several great sizes and colors.