Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Most Awesomely Bad Sculpture Ever


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O.M.G. I received this special People magazine extra thing in the mail the other day called “Stars at Home.” I flipped through it and was pretty bored, until I came to the last page. There I spied the most magnificently horrendous home accessory I’ve ever seen. I wish they sold this at Cost Plus World Market or something, because I think I would give it as a wedding gift at every wedding where someone has made me wear a bridesmaid’s dress. It’s the Michael Bolton (long flowing locks version) bust. I can see this in a dining room next to busts of Beethoven, Bach, and Weird Al Yankovic.  Can you imagine two massive versions of these flanking a front door? I mean, he has the same mane as a lion. Forget Foo Dogs – every time I look at this I think about the Michael Bolton in Office Space and what he called other Michael Bolton, which is not fit to print.

Seriously, let’s get a closer look at that puppy:

  • picture from People