Monday, June 21st, 2010

Inspiration Monday: Furniture Making


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O.K., I admit it. I’m on vacation, and I forgot to bring the little cord that hooks up my camera to my computer, so I’m going to post something about whatever I can find in my iPhone pictures. This narrows it down to the furniture making place I went the other day near Lincolnville Beach. It is a picturesque spread full of unbelievably beautiful handmade Shaker-inspired furniture, crafted from gorgeous wood. When we are so used to cruising around the internet or the mall in search of furniture, sometimes we lose touch with where it came from. I am lucky enough to get to go to furniture shows and meet designers and artisans because I work for Design Public, but I forget that customers don’t always have those same attachments. It’s so nice to visit a place like this and remember where the furniture comes from, and the traditions of craft that have been passed down for generations.

If you do get to the Penobscot Bay area this summer, you must stop by and see all of this beautiful furniture for yourself at Windsor Cabinetmakers. For more information, click here.