Friday, April 13th, 2012

What We’re Clicking On this Friday the 13th


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Happy Friday the 13th everyone! It’s also Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, so I thought I’d show a little Monticello love. If you cannot get to Charlottesville (I highly recommend a trip, especially during springtime), you can take a cool virtual tour of Jefferson’s former home on the Monticello website.

photo via Ludlow Group Blog

I thought it would be appropriate to include a little horror movie architecture on Friday the 13th (though I couldn’t find any from any of the 8 million Friday the 13th movies). Here’s a post at the Ludlow Group Blog where you can see the Psycho House and the Amityville Horror house.

photo by Sergio Pirrone, via Inhabitat

Now, let’s get away from horror films and move onto thinking about something more positive, Earth Day. I popped on over to inhabitat to catch up with all of their posts and particularly loved this school in Santiago, Chili, designed by LAND Arquitectos. The bright green structures have bright white interiors (pop on over to inhabitat to check out the full slideshow) and were crafted with at a low cost with local sustainable materials.

photo by moi

Wondering how to celebrate Earth Day (it’s on April 22, that’s next Sunday)? Check out a great list of ideas over at EnviroLink, from simple things like having a clean up or planting a tree to stenciling storm drains, from giving out Environmental Hero Awards to having a Dirty Sock Contest (say what? You’ll have to go to EnviroLink for more information!)

What have you enjoyed clicking on this week? Please share with us in the comments section!