Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Environmental Tuesday: Planning for the Holidays


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O.K. now that Halloween is over, the stores are filled with Yuletide tunes, people are buzzing about Black Friday insanity, and the stores are filled with all kinds of Holiday decorations. Here are a few quick tips to decrease your holiday carbon footprint.

1) Consider sending holiday cards over the interwebs. I hate this idea because holiday cards are some of the only good snail mail I receive all year long, but it will save on paper and the energy used to deliver your cards. If you can’t stand the thought, at least use recycled paper, and be sure to recycle the cards you receive.

2) Use reusable or recycled wrapping paper. If you’re like my grandparents, you neatly folded up every piece of wrapping paper you ever used and put it in a drawer, and never used it again. You can use newspaper, recycled paper, cloth bags, or a pretty extra piece of fabric you have around the house to wrap up your gifts. Here’s a fun video with some good ideas if you want to get super-crafy:

3) If you do the tree thing, don’t feel too guilty. Christmas tree farms are not the enemy. Just be sure to leave your tree out for mulch composting after the holidays. You may also consider a live tree to plant later (though honestly, in most parts of this country, January 1st is not exactly prime dig-a-hole-in-the-ground-and-plant time).

4) E-cycle: If you’re expecting to upgrade some of your electronics via some killer gifts, make sure you dispose of your old ones in a recyclable way. If they are not fit for donation or resale, check the EPA’s guidelines for E-cycling them.

5) Buy eco-friendly gifts. I love to shop handmade, and from the green sections of retail websites. I’ll be working up a list of what Design Public has to offer in this arena in the coming weeks.  Here’s one of my many faves, the k studio Birds Pillow:


Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Green Product of the Week: Artecnica transNeomatic Large Bowl


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Well, it seems everything Artecnica is catching my eye this month, even if I cannot seem to ever spell the company name correctly on the first pass! I’m a wicker FREAK, and even I never would have thought to put it together with a recycled scooter tire in a million years!

Tires are pretty much the bane of the planet’s existence. When Lake Lanier was so empty during the drought last year, way too many of them were discovered dumped in its basin. Have you ever seen a tire fire on the news? They rage on for days. I say, whatever uses we can find for used tires, go for it.

While I’m not sure how I would truly use this as a bowl, I picture a bunch of them arranged into some fabulous composition on a wall. A straight line of them would be great in a loft space with high ceilings, and a random arrangement on a smaller wall would be very graphically striking.

Here’s the rest of the scoop on what makes them green, and also how they help to alleviate poverty in Vietnam:

transNeomatic is designed by Estudio Campana and handcrafted by skilled artisans from rural Vietnam. Through Vietnamese non-profit organization Craft Link, Artecnica collaborated with Hai Tai rattan weavers and Hmong women weavers to create each piece. Disadvantaged Vietnamese youths were also enlisted to assemble the totes, providing them with artisan training and a framework by which they could establish sustainable livelihoods.

transNeomatic is a conceptually innovative container bowl crafted from a repurposed scooter tire and natural wicker. Each tire is thoroughly steam-cleaned and finished in an eco-friendly sealant. transNeomatic comes with an optional handwoven hemp cover that slips over its rubber base. Each piece is packaged in a reusable drawstring tote.


Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Thomas Wold Computer Station at the Good Hotel


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I feel as though around every corner there is something new and ingenious coming out of Thomas Wold’s studio. This past week we learned that he designed two pieces for the Good Hotel in San Francisco.

One piece is a computer station for the lobby constructed of a number of found items…

Thomas Wold, Good Hotel

The other is a design that will be featured in his “Solid Wold” column in the holiday issue of ReadyMade magazine. We won’t spill the beans on what the piece is or what it is made of…but do keep your eyes out for this issue, it is worth it!

If you are not familiar with the Good Hotel, it is a new Joie de Vivre boutique hotel boasting to be the first of its kind “with a conscience.” The hotel believes in doing good by way of their philanthropic approach and eco-friendly designs (with a quirky twist!). The décor is made from reclaimed or recycled construction materials, “Be Good” is written on the walls of the rooms, they’ve got glow in the dark messages, and their vending machine in the lobby is stocked with wallets made from recycled FedEx envelopes. Not to mention Thomas Wold pieces are featured there….hot dog!

For more info on the Good Hotel visit http://www.jdvhotels.com/hotels/good/
Photo courtesy of Thomas Wold.