Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Flickr Faves on Fridays: Anti-Depressive Vintage


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I love checking out the home of blogger Kay Loves Vintage,and I was so excited to see that she posted this picture to our OTHER Flickr group that I started, Anti-Depressive Living. To be honest, I had been ignoring that group for awhile because a bunch of people had posted all kinds of stuff they were selling and I didn’t feel like dealing with it (I’m a really bad Flickr administrator). Anyway, it’s totally taken on a life of its own and the variety of images posted in there are totally wackadoodle and I love it. It makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever.

Well, that was NOT to say that Kay’s wackadoodle, she has got it going on, and I’ve learned a lot about vintage pieces from her. I think I spy a PH light, some vintage Eames shell chairs, a Catherine Holm bowl, perhaps some Dansk (?) and that’s the extent of my vintage knowledge.

Also, Kay has a cool blog called KayLovesVintage and it’s a delight.