Friday, August 8th, 2008

College Bedding:Think Beyond Jersey Knits and Comforters


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I was walking through the college dorm aisles in Tar-jay the other day when I realized what sort of trends I was suckered into so many years ago with regards to college bedding: 1.) I bought the jersey knit sheets. Although soft, they did pill very quickly and didn’t last more than a few months before looking shabby. 2.) I had the reversible comforter that about 23892783 other girls in my dorm also had in their rooms. This one item that was to be a major focal point in my room was the same main feature in so many other rooms. Blah. Plus, I had never cleaned a comforter before in my life which in turn led to a very dirty sleeping space for a long time.

So, I thought I would take the opportunity to try and prevent such catastrophic events for student going through the college dorm preparation process by passing on the three big college bedding lessons I learned:

1.) Don’t give in to the super cheap. Super cheap sheets will either be extremely scratchy or will fall apart quickly. You don’t need the most elaborate sheet sets while in college, but you do want something that you will not have to replace quickly or will keep you up at night with discomfort.

3.) Think duvet. Although most college students may not know the meaning of the word, they will appreciate the function. I have to admit to thinking a duvet was a pillowcase or a diving board or a special type of loo for many Read the rest of this entry »