Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Loft Floorplan Ideas?


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Loft with a posing dog
Finney, the dog nephew, posing.

Loft progress installment #3. I finally had a weekend open to put away a grand total of 7 boxes. We still have about 3214564 boxes (actually more like 17) left to unpack, a trip to Mexico and company coming for Thanksgiving (aka those boxes will never be touched!). Aye! With the time I did have available I was able to take the Flickr photos I promised of all of our furniture. This way you can get a sense as to what we are working with, our style, and our challenge!

Interior designer Murphy Moon passed along three floor plan suggestions which I have been eager to share:

Murphy Moon Loft Plan B

Murphy Moon Floor Plan

Murphy Moon Floor Plan A

I love the way Murphy encourages a distinct separation of work and living space…I never would have thought to create a platform for the office space. If we can only make the separation of work/life happen! Cooper’s photography business is a work from home job so he likes to have either music or the TV on during the day to ease the silence. At the moment the TV is within easy eye distance to his desk but this just may have to change. Here is a glimpse into Cooper’s “office” with the “his and hers” Steelcase desks:

His and Hers Steelcase desks

Hopefully you can sense that we are still a ways off from having the place as we vision it…currently we are living in “survival mode.” We need more lighting, a few rugs, and dining chairs. But, we are getting there. If you have suggestions on how we should arrange things, bring it!