Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Ready Made Magazine – A Must-Buy This Month


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This month’s issue of Ready Made really stood out. I’ve been a fan of the magazine for awhile, but  the April/May issue really takes it to the next level. Ready Made has definitely taken the “k” out of “crafty.” Loved the peak into artist Rex Ray’s 900 square foot home:

Loved the articles about community farms, the “where I live” article about Poncey Highland, Thomas Wold’s wacky found object coat rack, the key challenge’s winning design. Loved it from cover-to-cover!

In semi-Readymade related news, today’s New York Times featured a house I covet in an article titled “When Skateboarders Grow Up.” A Ready Made stylist (perhaps former, I could not find that information), Claire Bigbie, and her boyfriend Jay Shapiro renovated their Noe Valley Victorian beautifully. You MUST check out the slideshow here. Here’s a little teaser:

People who went to RISD sure have the best art and furniture collections. I really need to start hanging out with more people who went to school there!

  • Ready Made cover by Scott Little
  • Rex Ray’s abode photo by Ken Gutmaker for Ready Made
  • Bottom two photos by Timothy Griffith for The New York Times.

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

5 Recession Friendly DIY Design Ideas with Nina from The Cultivated Home


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Nina - The Cultivated HomeNina V. Freudenberger is the founder and principal of Haus Interior LLC, and After attending Rhode Island School of Design and graduating with her Bachelors of Architecture, she worked as senior designer at Kondylis Design for four years. With a prestigious client list of over 25 projects, Nina opened her own firm to continue the vision of elegant and sophisticated design while retaining the experimental energy of the contemporary world.

1. Make your own wall art. We bought pre-cut cubes of wood from Home Depot  (about $1 each) and painted them 5 different shades of green of Benjamin Moore paint to create our installation piece. And no need to be obsessive over the painting!  The key is in the hanging which just takes an hour at home and a ruler. Go for bright colors such as corals and yellows.

DIY art idea

2. Instead of the expense of wallpapering an entire room, why not cut down the cost and keep it focused? Buy fewer rolls and just paper a focal wall, behind your bead, your ceiling, as a faux headboard or even just in the back of your bookshelves. You will get your daily “glimpse” which will make you feel stylish and chic without paying thousands.

wallpaper your closet

3. Paint your walls with horizontal or vertical stripes! Depending on the space and your patience, this is a simple way to make your space look larger or your ceiling height taller. This is a simple afternoon activity which I have done myself, and all you need is the paint color of your choice, some blue painting tape, a ruler and a level.  Tape out the increments of your desired stripe, and smooth it to the wall by applying pressure so that paint cannot seep underneath. And the rest is just layering on that paint! Get creative with your paint color choices, I love bold colors, so try green or a deep purple.

Paint your walls with stripes

4. Extra space? Why not add a splash of color with buying books by the yard from your local bookstore or thrift shop (books which are either used or not in demand) and cover them with Read the rest of this entry »


Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Thomas Wold: Build a Tiled Chair to Withstand the Elements


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This month Thomas Wold thinks “outside the home” for his monthly ReadyMade article. Most of the furniture Thomas creates is crafted for an indoor atmosphere, therefore requiring a controlled setting to survive. Put any of his pieces outside and Mother Nature will eat away at his painstaking craftsmanship and design. So, why not try building for Mother Nature? The project: “Build a Tiled Chair to Withstand the Elements”…

Thomas Wold Tiled Chair Project

A key ingredient to this project was material selection. Tile rose to the top of the list for its durability and Thomas used its square shape to dictate the design of the chair. Imagine the possibilities of tile for your own outdoor DIY projects…like cubed side tables or a rectangular coffee table!

Check out the June issue of ReadyMade Magazine for the deets on how to make tiled furniture for your own backyard.


Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Thomas Wold: Laundromat Seating for the 21st Century


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Ever feel like a proud soccer mom or dad…sitting on the side of the field cutting orange wedges for the team snack and cheering little Tommy on? We do, especially with long time friend and DP designer, Thomas Wold. Thomas has been writing feature articles for ReadyMade Magazine and we thought it would be nifty to give you a taste of his projects here on Hatch (with ReadyMade’s approval, of course). The goal of Thomas’s column is to help you to rethink and reshape the objects around you. In his projects you will see a lot of reused items that have been cut and mashed in various ways to become new, beautiful and useful objects. Our first Thomas Wold ReadyMade feature: “Laundromat Seating for the 21st Century.”

Thomas Wold: Laundromat Seating for the 21st Century

When Thomas Wold saw rows of seating at an airport or laundromat he thought, “Why not add other modular items to the row besides simple chairs…like lamps, side tables or statues?” Thomas then brainstormed, sketched, enlisted help from a local welder and ta da!…the creation was made.

His article in the 2008 April/May ReadyMade Magazine has fantastic tips on how to work with an expert in your area to craft one of a kind pieces as well as the basic blueprint for making a “Laundromat Seating for the 21st Century” creation of your own.