Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Trend Watch: Sawhorse Table Legs


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O.K., so these table legs from Home Depot are not all that sexy. However, ever since I admired Priscilla Locke’s studio a few weeks ago I have had them on the brain:

from The Locker

My cryptic notes on this picture source say “colombe steven via destoinsp” This means I swiped it from Desire to Inspire, but I’m not sure about the rest. Let me know if you can help me clarify!

My notes here:francesca harris sunset WS. I think I’ve decoded it – photographer name, magazine (Sunset) and WS means “Work Space”!

From Living etc.

Notes here: “cordelia de castellane ws hg” House & Garden?

from Natural Curiosities

from Living etc.

from Nate Berkus

Here are a few cuter cheap versions if you want to try the look out yourself. The yellow one is from Home Depot, and the silver ones are from Lowe’s.


Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Organize: The Office


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Office Organization
Cubicle land? Open office with no privacy or personal space? Home office action up the wazoo? Surrounded by filing cabinets? Drawerless? Whatever your situation I’m sure your office space could use a little annual cleaning (beyond wiping off your desktop).

My Design Public desk is drawerless which is a blessing because it forces me to be super strict with what papers and knick knacks I collect. At home though, it is a different story. I have a Steelcase desk (seen above) with drawers large enough for me to Read the rest of this entry »