Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Did You Order Your Anthologie Magazine Yet?


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Yesterday the premiere issue of Anthology landed in my mailbox and it made me so happy to hold a new glossy in my hands! Meg Mateo Ilasco and Anh-Minh Le are the two wonderwomen behind this new addition to the magazine racks. While some might find the $12 price tag steep, think of it this way: with so few home decor magazines on the scene today, I for one have turned to foreign glossies for inspiration, and their price tags are a lot steeper than this one. It’s the kind of magazine that will not make it to the recycling bin; for me it’s more of a big design book with a soft cover.  I love that these talented and prolific ladies have put together so much great content independent of some huge publishing conglomerate, one that keeps shuttering some of our favorite titles. I highly recommend picking up a copy. For more information on how to order or where to find it, visit

Anthology cover image illustrated by Kris Atomic.