Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Design Drinking Games: The New Lonny Magazine


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The new issue of Lonny is up online and it’s a lot of fun to virtually flip through. While I like Lonny a lot, I thought it might need a little drinking game of its own, just for fun.  In fact, these rules don’t just apply to Lonny – feel free to use them all over the design world. Get ready, and take a swig (or yell “Punch Buggy”, or smirk) every time you see:

Someone you recognize as a former Domino staffer or from a Domino spread (yeah, Ashley Putman, I recognize you! Your Domino cover back in your single days is the reason I painted my doors black! And I love them black – I never would have thought of it without you, and I see you did it to the mantle in your big beautiful married house!). This is not a bad thing – I know a lot of us miss Domino terribly, and this gives us our Domino-esque fix – I love the design sense most of these people have. It was also fun to see how the E.I.C., Michelle Adams, has decorated her home with sustainability and accessibility in mind. O.K., on to the fun styling stuff:

A lucite table

A “trayscape” – an extra sip for a tray that’s python patterned

A “barscape” – Seriously, the interior stylists  at every publication these days are obsessed with arranging liquor bottles and glasses! I would like to see a parody with a bunch of 40s or something. I’m trying to think of how this trend started, and I’m going to wager it was nostalgia brought on by watching Mad Men marathons. Does anyone else have any theories?

The book Domestic Art: Curated Interiors (I spied it three times so far)

Any mention of Eddie Ross (seriously, am I the only blogger who watched Top Design? He does not seem like a very nice person, to put it mildly. I don’t get why everyone is so enamored with his ability to buy a silver teapot at a flea market, take it home, polish it, and let it gather dust with a bunch of other silver that wasn’t even passed down through his family. Isn’t that kind of the reason any of us have silver teapots? It was called The Shabby Chic Show, and it was on like a decade or so ago, and it was done a lot better and with fewer zebra throw rugs, by Rachel Ashwell.)

Seriously though, I very much enjoyed the spring green issue – you know I just like to make a game out of everything! Take a peruse right here.