Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Online Magazines: Nesting Newbies


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I am pretty new to digital magazines. While I love my glossies, so many of them have disappeared lately that I am turning to the internet. Online magazines are only getting better and better lately – they have such a professional look, they feature people that we won’t see in the big magazines like Elle Decor and House Beautiful, at least not yet, they have much shorter load times than they used to and they have become really easy to “flip through”. To me they are the media that exists between blogs and print magazines. I’m digging them, and who can resist that orange, black and white cover? I LOVE IT!  I had not heard of Nesting Newbies until I saw a link to it in an email I received from one of our soon-to-be-featured guest bloggers. They are now on issue 2 (yup, that sounds about right for how long it takes me to hear about something new and exciting), and I LOVE their philosophy. I think they said it best themselves, so I am going to quote:

NestingNewbies.com is a cross platform experience featuring a quarterly digital shelter magazine, online cooking segments, and informational blogs aimed at showing those who are new to nesting how to cook, entertain, and decorate.

NestingNewbies.com combines a traditional magazine format with the new social media trend of original online videos and blogs to present a cross-platform experience for “nesting newbies,” the site’s target audience of those who are new to nesting and have no clue when it comes to cooking, entertaining, and decorating. Cooking and decorating enthusiasts will also enjoy the original ideas being presented.

It sounds like just what  a lot of us need these days! To peruse the winter issue, click here.

Cover via NestingNewbies.com, photographed by Michael Soo, showroom by Maloos Anvarian.