Monday, April 18th, 2011

DP Customer Profile: Gerrit and His Inhabit Wall Flats Dining Room


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Gotta give Gerrit a big high five for his installation of the Inhabit Seesaw Wall Flats in his minimalist dining room. Can you imagine the room without the texture of the wall flats? I certainly can’t. No doubt, minimalism is so much better with a little bit of character. Good show, Gerrit!

Name: Gerrit

Where do you live?: Visalia, CA

What do you do?: I’m a police officer

DP purchases: Inhabit Wall Flats

Favorite DP product: Inhabit Wall Flats

How would you describe your design style? Modern/minimalist

Any design pet peeves? Tan colored walls

Favorite design ideas? What was the best advice anyone ever gave you? Less is more, just because there’s an open space (wall or floor) doesn’t mean it Read the rest of this entry »


Monday, January 3rd, 2011

DP Customer Profile: Cyrus our Attorney!


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Yes folks, even our attorney has a house full of Design Public goodies. Actually, out of all of our customer profiles Cyrus wins the prize for having the greatest number of DP products in his home. Well done, Cyrus! Your places looks stellar.

Name: Cyrus

Where do you live? San Francisco, CA

What do you do? Attorney

DP Purchase/s: Fatboy, Flensted Mobile Airplanes Mobile, Singgih Kartono Magno Wooden Radio, Jonas Damon Numbers Clock, David Weeks Hanno the Gorilla, Hybrid-Home Spaceship Print, Wallter Slat Rack, Mod Mom Furniture Owyn Toy Box.

What’s your favorite DP product and why? The Wallter Slat Rack for sure. It’s right by our front door and we hang all our coats, hats, keys, etc. on it every day. It’s generally buried with stuff so we can’t see it, but love it anyway.

How would you describe your design style? Minimalist.  Don’t have much stuff, but take a lot of time to think about each thing that comes into the house and how it fits.

Four sites/blogs you visit daily: Apartment Therapy, Boing Boing, Fast Company Design, Twitter

Tell us about your home, office, workspace, or favorite nook and cranny. We have a two-story loft in a renovated box factory from the early 1900s in the Mission.  We use as a living space, office, workspace for my wife and me.  We recently renovated to Read the rest of this entry »


Thursday, February 4th, 2010

DP Customer Profile: Ellen, Everett and a New “Big Boy Chair”


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Name: Ellen and Everett

Where do you live? Oakland, CA

What do you do? Sr. Public Events Manager, UC Berkeley

DP Purchase/s: Pkolino Little Reader Chair

How would you describe your design style? Modern with a splash of vintage and craftsman, and a dash of romper-room for good measure

If you were a crayon, what color would you be? That amazing blue that you see in the sky at the very top (which is especially visible on cloudless sunny days).

Any favorite design ideas? I’ve started re-using my son’s favorite cool shirts to make into Read the rest of this entry »


Monday, August 4th, 2008

DP Customer Profile: I Spy in Jennifer’s Apartment…


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This is what I’d like to call an “interactive DP Customer Profile.” Jennifer from New York City has graciously shared several pictures with us of her apartment. The task, should you choose to play along, is to find the following list of DP products within her photos below: an OFFI Tiki Stool, a twenty2 Gala Wallband, a CAKE Warp Bowl, a DwellStudio Motif Robin Pillow, an OFFI Duoplane DVD Shelf, and the Twinkle Living Milan Rug. Best of luck with the hunt!

Name: Jennifer

Where do you live? New York City

What do you do? Editor at a magazine

DP Purchase/s: OFFI Tiki Stool, CAKE Warp Bowl, Inhabit oxygen duvet cover (no longer available, so sad!), DwellStudio Motif Robin Pillow, various Hybrid-Home posters (many for gifts), upper playground Cat Woman Poster, twenty2 Gala Wallband, Twinkle Living Milan Rug, OFFI Duoplane DVD Shelf (used as bookshelf)

What’s your favorite DP product and why? My Milan rug. He is the “dog” that I don’t have to actually walk; when I received the package from DP everyone in my office Read the rest of this entry »


Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

DP Customer Profile: Christina & Alex


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Ever drool over the thought of a new rug with a striking design but you are not sure how the pattern may work in your space? Meet Christina & Alex. Their Vail mountain home is a fantastic source of inspiration, showcasing the Thomas Paul Feathers rug in plum and cream. Notice how the Thomas Paul Swallows and Buds accent pillows in plum on their couch perfectly tie the rug in to the room. Enjoy!

Christina & Alex

Christina & Alex

Where do you live?
Vail, Colorado

What do you do?
Christina is a small business owner

DP Purchase/s:
Thomas Paul Rug Feather in Plum and Cream

How would you describe your design style?
Classic, modern design

If you could redo any space, past or present, what would it be?
We regularly redo our great room with rotating accent colors for a fresh look, yet keep the larger pieces of furniture the same

What’s your favorite color or material?
Black and taupe/creme with rotating accent colors — this season’s accent color in our great room is ‘eggplant’ Read the rest of this entry »