Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Six of Our Favorite Modern Fireplaces and Wood Stoves


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Contrary to popular belief, it’s possible to be modern and warm. And we’re going to go ahead and take the “warm” literally and aesthetically. Here are a few of our favorite modern and contemporary fireplaces and wood stoves.

red ws

This glossy wood stove has retro and modern-day appeal. It provides a big red exclamation point in the middle of a stark white space. Photo by Bruno Suet


This beautiful home on Cape Cod combines classic mid-century modern architecture with warm touches like cushy upholstery, handmade rugs and a funky twig rocker. But the star of the room is the Fireorb, which looks like something straight out of The Jetsons. It is a new part of the extensive renovations by Hammer Architects, and is suspended from the ceiling and can be turned to face different areas within the space.


This Finnish cabin by Avanto Architects is minimalist yet super-toasty. There’s nothing like falling asleep to a glowing fire in the bedroom. Photo by Kuvio, via ArchDaily


While I have to wonder if it’s impossible to keep this clear glass surround clean, I can’t help but smile at this fresh take on a chimney. The log storage niche is an ingenious addition. No idea how to credit this as it’s like following a rabbit hole down Tumblr and Pinterest


This gorgeous loft looks super toasty thanks to a super-cool fireplace/wood stove hybrid. Kinda makes you want to gather around it and have a singalong. No idea how to credit this as it’s like following a rabbit hole down Tumblr and Pinterest

jenny kayne

Finally, I love a bedecked mantle/chimney. This one is is strong in its elegant simplicity.Photo by Yayo Ahumada, floral design by Moon Canyon, via Domaine Home