Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Celebrity Real Estate


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I’ve been stalking celebrity real estate again – it’s my guilty pleasure, so I thought I’d share. Let’s kick it off with Matthew Broderick and SJP’s $25 million dollar Greenwich Village townhouse. This is the library:

spotted on Zillow, who found it via Sotheby’s.

Speaking of Carrie Bradshaw, the real Carrie Bradshaw, author of Sex and the City Candace Bushnell, is also selling her Greenwich Village home. Hers is a 2-bedroom apartment and it’s listed for $2.8 million. I remember this one from Elle Decor, in fact, isn’t it on the cover of the last Elle Decor book, So Chic? Yes, I believe it is. Photographs are so crucial to real estate listings. While most people can’t even remember to make their bed or put down the toilet seat, then celebs have spreads photographed by the likes of William Waldron.

photo by William Waldron, scoop via New York Daily News

I guess the cover of Elle Decor is a great way to market a house you’re about to dump. Reese Witherspoon is unloading her Ojai retreat. Elle Decor wasn’t the only place printing photos of the property; Witherspoon recently let RPat hide out from the paps and mend his broken heart here. The cozy revival ranch is on the market for a cool $10 million.

I really enjoyed this celeb house tour; it seemed like such a relaxing, family-friendly place that was actually attainable (the decor, not the house). It also respected the style and history of the home, preserving and honoring the best details.

photos by William Waldron; scoop via realtor.com

It’s not currently for sale, but Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ wedding had me looking up Boone Plantation. Scenes from The Notebook were filmed there, and the place has a driveway that’s as Lowcountry as can be – lined in beautiful live oaks dripping in Spanish Moss:


Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Celebrity Real Estate


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My voyeuristic real estate tendencies continue. Here’s what I found this week:

photo by Steve Dunwell

This is not for sale, but rather on The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s 11 Most Endangered List. It’s the boyhood home of Malcolm X, and it’s currently owned by his nephew, Rodnell Collins, but has been vacant for 30+ years. In partnership with Historic Boston, Collins dreams of preserving Malcolm X’s legacy by transforming the house into living quarters for graduate students who are studying African American history, social justice, or civil rights. This dream will take some bucks; historic Boston needs to raise $750,000 to make this happen.

I saw this on EOnline and Curbed, but I think the photo officially comes from Town Residential

This SoCalledHo Life Loft has me hankering for the season premiere of Homeland; when is it ever coming on again? Anyway, back to the pad; this light-filled space belongs to Claire Danes and  Hugh Dancy and it’s on the market for $5.998 million.

photos via The RealEstalker via Corocoran

Speaking of celebs who are currently starring in excellent Showtime shows, Edie Falco’s digs are a whole lot nicer than Nurse Jackie’s, but she’s listed them at a cool $5.5 million.

I noticed a large ad for this auction in The Atlanta-Journal Constitution this over the weekend. It’s Kenny Rogers’ Lake House (note, it’s an 8-acre “lake”). It’s outside of Athens, Georgia. It is some crazy place, and I had no idea The Gambler had so much in common with Liberace; check out this bedroom:

The property is huge and the auction even includes a pontoon boat and a Sea-Doo for circling that 8-acre lake.


Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Jane Fonda’s Loft Hits the Market


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Ah, Jane’s loft. Richard and I used to catch glimpses of her from his place at Block Lofts across the street. I’m bummed she’s leaving town. Now her loft is on the market. She took like three or four lofts, bought them all and had it turned into one residence. For those of you around Atlanta who don’t know, it’s in Poncey-Highland, on Ralph McGill right near 2 Urban Licks and The Beltline Bridge.

I am very jealous of Jane’s Thornton Dial collection. I wonder if she had to do with the siting of his public sculpture a few years ago. It’s right up Freedom Parkway just a few hundred yards. Thornton Dial’s work is what originally turned me on to self-taught artists, and now I’ve fallen WAY down that rabbit hole, though he remains firmly WAY out of my price range! If you want to see more shots of the loft or find out how to rent it ($10,000/month), or own it ($4.5 million), click here.

There is something a bit Jane Fonda’s Workout dated about this loft, even though it was just built ten years ago; I’m not sure if I could change it though! I don’t understand the light pink with her art collection, and I’m not crazy about all of that brushed nickel or stainless steel or whatever the heck it is on all of those railings and track lighting fixtures. Doesn’t it seem like an opportunity to do something much more creative there? Something sculptural and unique, especially going up the stairs. However, the location, views, fireplace, and library shelves with the ladder are fantastic. I wouldn’t say no if someone decided to give it to me.

All photos by Nathan Martin, from janefonda.com


Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Yikes! “Celebrity” Decor


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I’m not going to get into what “celebrity” means these days; as Joel McHale says, Kim Kardashian is famous for having a big a** and a sex tape,” but it cracks me up that celebrities in L.A. seem to move every year. It also cracks me up that Larry David pokes fun of this by having his Curb Your Enthusiasm persona move every season for reasons like having a wire they think is ugly in the backyard, or too many movies being shot on the street. Thank you so much to Vanessa for tweeting me this Luxist post featuring Kim Kardashian’s condo, which is currently on the market for a million plus bucks. I would like to point out a few massive design cliches that appear here.

Sometimes candles don’t make the room. Neither do hideous throw pillows. And a neutral palette doesn’t necessarily bring the calm:

Just as a big huge brass Buddha/Yogi/not sure (don’t mean to offend, I’m sure the owner doesn’t know who this is or what the meaning is either) doesn’t necessarily bring the “Zen”:

A big crystal chandelier and big tufted headboards and lots of mirrored furniture and

volumes of fabric for draperies do not equal “Hollywood glamor.” Sometimes they just equal “tacky bordello boudoir.”

I do, however, like where this bathroom was going – the wallpaper, glossy black ceiling, and light fixtures are doing it for me, while the floors and off-the-rack-from-big box store-vanity is not.

Word is that the condo is going for over a million. Also, that cute Hidden Hills house of Kris and Bruce Jenner’s is on the market. I think they lived there for about a minute. I rather liked that they lived in a cozy, not over-adorned, somewhat oversized cottage.

If you think this post is too mean, don’t worry. I’m sure a few of the keywords in this post will have me receiving all kinds of nasty spam comments for months. Instant Karma.

Photos via luxist.com via realestalker an the MLS service.