Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

A Piggyback on Black and White Bedding


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Cavern Home Blackbird Wallpaper

I came across this image from Cavern Home shortly after Becky posted last week on Black and White Bedding and I knew right away that this was something I had to share. This space may be a bit too “matchy matchy” for some, but visually I think this room is stunning! Can you imagine the room without the Blackbird Wallpaper? I surely can’t. I try to vision the wallpaper replaced with wall art and I think, “No, no, no.” It might work if the pieces were super simple and super white and super clean, like large white frames with white matting and a simple image in the center, but it wouldn’t have the same feel. I think Cavern Home hit the head on the nail with this place. Bravo Cavern Home! Bravo!

To recreate the look checkout the Cavern Home Blackbirds Wallpaper options on DP.