Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Environmental Tuesday Links: “You’re Washing Your Hands on the Top of the Toilet?!?!”


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1) I related so much to this New York Times article last week about feeling guilty about our green failures. Sometimes it feels like you can’t win, or you have one habit you know is not very good for the environment but you cannot give it up. The author, Joyce Walder really hits the nail on the head with this article, it was a really fun read. Oh, and the title of this post was my favorite quote from the article.

What not-so-green habits are you feeling guilty about? I can start. After being very serious about water conservation, thinking about every dish that would need washing and not even giving my poor cat her beloved fresh water from the sink faucet, I am addicted to taking a bath in a really big bathtub. It uses lord knows how many gallons. Even worse than that, while I’m in there, I read People magazine. It’s shameful. Please begin public flogging now.  And/Or join in and tell us your not-so-green shame.

2) Another link: Here is The Greenwatching Index, so you can try and keep track of what’s really green and what’s just using the term for marketing purposes.

3) Finally, I wanted to share an interview I did with architect Christian Dauer on another website. In this Mission District renovation, he reused as much of what would have otherwise been construction waste as possible, and it added to the beauty and spirit of the house. Even this gorgeous kitchen table was constructed from on-site reclaimed wood:

image via houzz.com