Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Designer Interview: Patrick Chirico from Build Your Block


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Want to know who’s cool? Patrick Chirico, the designer behind Build Your Block. For one, he has a dapper looking dog and you’ve gotta check out his DIY home garden for urban spaces. Oh, and he makes sweet pillow scenes too…that we already knew. Enjoy the Q&A!

What about Brooklyn do you absolutely love?

All types of food morning, afternoon and night; the architecture and bridges; the people and fashion; the smorgasbord of style, history, and culture.

Have you lived anywhere else?

I’m from Northern, NY.  Watertown to be more specific which is polar opposite of the responses above, but I still love it.

Describe your typical work day.

Well I run two companies full time and most of my day is taken up with WrecordsByMonkey, which is a interior and jewelry company that makes everything from vinyl records. I send emails and work on projects and new designs.  Then my afternoons, nights and days off are spent slaving over emails and orders for Build Your Block and trying to glue everything together.

Please share five things/people/places that inspire you.

My environment, My fiancee, godmother, family, and friends. The 5 boroughs of Read the rest of this entry »