Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Around the Interwebs on Wednesday -Modern Nursery


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I am suffering from holiday A.D.D. I’m surfing around from twitter to a Scrabble game (“Porcinis” – 95 points!); from tumblr to Houzz, from Garnet Hill Orla Keily bargains ($49 bags!!!) to Remodelista, etc. etc.! I figured I’d share some of my favorites throughout the day as I go along.

So, a little known fact about people who don’t have kids is that we don’t care about nurseries. We avoid ToysRUs, we send Pottery Barn Kids catalogs straight to the recycling bin and we think finding poop on an upholstered chair in the living room on Christmas morning is disgusting (true story). So it takes an extra special, truly bedazzling nursery for us to give it a second look, and a total superstar for us to actually like it. I present this nursery by Insidesign that I just spied over at Remodelista. OF COURSE it is Dutch. It almost makes me believe I could live with all the poop:

If this got you in the mood to shop for modern nursery goods, this is what Design Public has for your hip baby.

photo via Remodelista, though I think they may have found it via desiretoinspire


Monday, December 7th, 2009

Inspiration Monday: Make a Mosaic of Flickr Faves


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Yesterday I was totally inspired by sfgirlbybay and finally made my first flickr mosaic after reading this post. Coincidentally, I think Victoria was the first person who ever asked me to be flickr buddies years ago! She may have also been one of our very first “flickr faves” here at Hatch. Her photography and the photography of those in her group and blog continue to keep us all inspired week after week, and now year after year. Anyway, I think I gave every single one of these photos a “mark as fave” star when I saw them in the sfgirlbybay flickr group.


To practice being a mosaic master like Victoria, try using big huge labs. Even I figured it out easily, and I am absolutely terrible at this stuff.

flickr member links, from left to right:

1. Who knew she wore lace under her boring work clothes?, 2. Untitled, 3. Untitled, 4. Hello Weekend!, 5. Fermob chairs at Villa Augustus’ terrace, 6. blue poppy pods , 7. Green Bench Monday, 8. a new start, 9. happy.