Thursday, March 19th, 2009

The $28 Million Dollar Chair


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O.K. – So I was SORT OF paying attention to the YSL auction and how it defied current economic conditions in the auction world, and wishing I’d dished out for a coveted catalog early. But it wasn’t until today, when I was getting a super-duper pedicure with my friend Heather that I picked up a People (as I’ve said before, I am only allowed to buy People and US Weekly at the airport for a plane trip), and saw that an Eileen Gray chair at said auction pulled in $28 MILLION! Really? I totally respect and admire Eileen Gray furniture (though not this hideous chair), but, O.K. WHAT? REALLY? FOR REALS?

Can anyone tell me why you’d buy this chair instead of an island? I’m talking, a large island? Please, let me know!

From what I understood from People, all of the proceeds from the record-breaking (close to $500 million) YSL auction went to AIDS research, so that rules, and I’m very glad it did so well. I’m just not sure why you would not just give $28 Mil to AIDS research directly instead of buying a chair that looks like a  character from the alien bar scene in Star Wars.

photo courtesy of WSJ online.