Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Dream Loft Real Estate (Atlanta)


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I was dropping stuff off at the Salvation Army on the West Side of Midtown Atlanta last week (yup, my effort to avoid winding up on Hoarders continues – this was from attic crawl space number three) and I found myself completely taken by Allied Factory Lofts. As I stopped to take a picture, I noticed that one of the units was for sale. While I live in a cottage in town on a postage stamp lot, I sometimes dream of going more urban and moving into a loft. Not one of those brand new high rises that calls itself a loft building, but a true Flashdance-esque converted warehouse or factory. This place is a 2 bedroom/2 bath that has been super glammed up, and when I picked up the flyer, it was priced just under $300K:

I cannot even imagine how much this place would cost if it were in NYC! Anyway, if you are interested, the West Side is becoming very artsy and cool (salvage yards meet high end design shops, artist studios meet dive blues bars), and you can find out the details about it here.