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Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

A Quick Peek at Some Architecture Around the World


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This week I couldn’t stop seeking out architecture all over the world – I must be itching to take a trip or something.

UTAH: It started domestic; though the places I looked at did not look like they could possibly be in the same country as Atlanta! I was virtually transported west, via Wendell Burnette’s site and I immediately decided to start saving every penny for a trip to the Amangiri Spa they designed:

CANADA: Since the first time I saw them, I’ve never forgotten the the six poetic cabins designed by Saunders Architects on the Fogo Islands (off the coast of Newfoundland). The cabins interact with this sublime landscape:

Nothing inside detracts from or competes with the views:

SPAIN: All that dry air got me thinking of Spain, and I stumbled onto Abaton Architects’ site. This villa in Extremadura juxtaposes worn historic stones on it facade with crisp white walls inside:

While the vernacular architecture this resembles would likely be filled with dark cozy rooms, this home has large glass openings that let in all the natural light and give the spectacular expansive views their due:

Part of it disappears right into the hillside, making this bedroom nice and tucked in on one side, very open to nature on the other:

VIETNAM: Architect Vo Trong Nghia’s bamboo dome made the blog rounds and I thought it as time for a revisit, especially since we didn’t have Pinterest then.

Where have you traveled to look at architecture this week? Are there any dream sites on your list you recommend we check out? Let us know in the comments section!


Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Around the Web: Erik Johnson Photography


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Yup, I’m just letting you all follow me around the web today. Of course there is usually a longer journey that would be funny to map, from Twitter to Tumblr to Facebook with a little break for Bedazzled Blitz along the way…Anyway, this picture makes me want to turn my dining room into a painting studio.

I love perusing Erik Johnson’s portfolio online, and this one in particular made my heart happy today. And you all know I don’t usually say goofy sweet things like that, so it must be true!

photo by Erik Johnson


Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

House Tours Online: New York Social Diary


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Where do you go for online house tours the most? I tend to browse The Selby for artistic inspiration, Apartment Therapy for the people who are just like you and me, POINTclickHOME for some American magazine style, Living etc. for that Euro flair and W for total fantasy. While it’s really hard to pick a favorite, the one I find myself anticipating new features from the most is New York Social Diary. I am currently dying over Izhar Patkin’s living space, and the interview that goes along with it is superb. Here’s a teaser; I highly recommend you check it out here A.S.A.P.! Here’s a teaser:

These NYSD features always seem to have the greatest outdoor areas as well:

all photos by Jeffrey Hirsch for New York Social Diary


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