Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

House Tours Online: New York Social Diary


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Where do you go for online house tours the most? I tend to browse The Selby for artistic inspiration, Apartment Therapy for the people who are just like you and me, POINTclickHOME for some American magazine style, Living etc. for that Euro flair and W for total fantasy. While it’s really hard to pick a favorite, the one I find myself anticipating new features from the most is New York Social Diary. I am currently dying over Izhar Patkin’s living space, and the interview that goes along with it is superb. Here’s a teaser; I highly recommend you check it out here A.S.A.P.! Here’s a teaser:

These NYSD features always seem to have the greatest outdoor areas as well:

all photos by Jeffrey Hirsch for New York Social Diary