Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Artful Art Arrangement


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Art arrangement can be really tricky. I try to look at compositions that please me and figure out what that person with the great eye has done to make it all work so well. The secret is that even the best art curator/arranger does the thing where they shuffle and reshuffle the arrangements until they are just right. Here are four different approaches to try the next time you are doing some rearranging.

image by Marcia Prentice

The somewhat orderly stack and prop. It seems appropriate that a photographer’s agent has such a beautifully framed and arranged collection of photography. Over at Carol LeFlufy’s Hollywood Hills home, mid-century style is revered as is art. This method of stacking photos on picture reails and shelves in a simpled layered pattern is quite easy to acheive. Onee reason the collection looks so harmonious is that they are all in black and white, and framed and matted in similar ways. This is probably my favorite house tour I’ve seen on Apartment Therapy.

By Turquoise LA/Vanessa De Vargas.

The total mix method. Creating a great art wall does not require great art. On a shoestring budget, interior designer Vanessa De Vargas of Turquoise LA created this eat-in kitchen art wall at The Upward Bound House with thrift store and donated finds. She doesn’t stray far from this style in her own home; her recent redecoration has another wall with a few items like a mirror in the mix in the same way:

by Turquoise LA/Vanessa De Vargas. Photographed by Bethany Nauert

One needn’t get out the butcher block paper and masking tape for the full-on Martha Stewart wall arrangement craziness. Simply imagine a general outline of the items as one whole block and move items to fill to those edges.

via Better Homes and Gardens

The Galaxy Approach. Better Homes and Gardens has dubbed this the Galaxy or Center of the Universe Approach, and it’s an easy one. Pick one dominant piece to be the center and orbit everything else around it like it’s the sun. This works well with a larger piece of art, a mirror or a platter surrounded by plates. You can go exactly symmetrical on either side, but I prefer the looser implied symmetry they’ve accomplished here. It’s more comfortable.

The Grid. You cannot go wrong with the grid. It works with everything from sweet antique pressed botanicals to nudes to Chagall lithographs to punk rock album covers. This one even has extra molding pieces that reinforce the grid and match the frames. Yes, this can be a bit of a bear to actually hang perfectly. via House to Home UK


Friday, October 7th, 2011

Flickr Faves on Friday: Cheerful Bohemian in Sweden


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Today’s favorite Flickr pick was added very recently, by blogger Pink Friday, a.k.a. Lisa from Sweden. So glad you added this to our Fresh New Spaces Group Lisa, because it led me over to your blog! This picture makes me want to take a dive into those fabulous pillows and look up at the wonderfully arranged wall of artwork in wonder:

See the rest of Pink Friday’s photostream.


Friday, October 29th, 2010

Flickr Faves on Friday: Ivy Style Does White


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I am always struck by flickr member ivy style33’s well, style! She is constantly styling her home, figuring out inexpensive ways to make her home look extremely expensive, and she is a master of print and texture. This white corner is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. The fact that it’s mostly white makes one notice the texture on that shade, the mobile strand, the lampshade. The fact that she framed all of her artwork in the same frames makes them a cohesive collection:

Yea! Ivy is keeping us up to date with whatever she has going on in a blog – Check it out here! To get your own piece of Ivy Style, check out her Etsy shop.


Friday, October 8th, 2010

Flickr Faves on Fridays: Artful Arrangement


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Ah, arranging artwork. It can be so confounding. It certainly helps to look at inspirational images like this one from Flickr member Plastolux. Love the black wall, love that blonde bureau on a stand, love the images, love the way they are arranged. This is from Plastolux’s former house – be sure to follow the new house adventure on the Plastolux blog!


Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Organization Tuesday: A Super-Duper Office / Using Tumblr


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I was cruising around on tumblr yesterday (it had been awhile) and I found this gorgeous office in my favorites. I am not sure where credit is due, but it seems the first person to blog it was gigimelo. NEW NOTE: Thank you to Victoria, who knew exactly whose office this is! It is where the creative magic of Tif Fussell happens. Check out Tif’s work at dottie angel. Buy it on Etsy!

So, Organization Point #1: A Gorgeous & Neat Work Environment. This is a beautifully organized workspace. I am not quite sure what’s going on in that bottom shelf on the right, but I like that there is one little messy element. That magazine file on the desktop can hide a multitude of sins and serve as an inbox without messing things up. I can’t quite tell what is in the Catherine Holm casserole dish, but it sure looks neat and organized. I would not have thought to use a casserole dish that way. I’m sure it would get a lot more use on my desk than in my kitchen. The drawers in the vintage desk provide plenty of space for everything to be tucked away. Also, check out how organized the art arrangement is. With everything lined up neatly like this in a similar color palette, you could hang pages from a lovely glossy and it would look fantastic!

Organization Point #2: Using tumblr. Does anyone out there use tumblr? What do you use it for? For those of you who don’t know or don’t care to blog, you may find you really enjoy tumblr. It’s kind of like tweeting but with photos, at least for me. It is also a very simple way to dip your toes into blogging, as it certainly isn’t all about photos. That’s just what I use it for. Anyway, you can peruse everyone’s blogs right on the site in one easy feed, and mark your favorite posts. You can also re-post those that you like.

So, how does this help you get organized? The result is that you can create style files of your favorite images. You can also tag them. For example, when I want to look at inspiring black and white designs I’ve been collecting, I can go into my own tumblr blog and search “black and white” and they’ll all come up in a wonderful stream (here is mine if you want to see what I mean). The catch is that you have to be an obsessive compulsive tagger to make this work. Overall, it’s the perfect spot to store all kinds of inspiration and ideas. If you do post to tumblr, please remember to give credit to publications/websites/blogs/photographers if you are using their images.

Here are just a few of my favorite design people to follow on tumblr (tumblr has even informed me that they are among my “tumblr crushes” because I mark their images as favorites the most often!):

The Brick House


Design Evolution (this post Michelle wrote is how I found out just what the heck tumblr was in the first place – seriously, how does everyone keep up with the latest and greatest web tool? It’s ridiculously overwhelming!)

The Beautiful Soup

My Farmhouse

P.S. Doesn’t this office fit the color palette from yesterday? It does a much better job than I did, and it wasn’t even trying!