Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Ali is moving and needs your support


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I am moving to a new space and I know I am going to need some mental support. I know, people move every day so it is not a big deal, but because moving is such a source of stress I think there should be a support group out there to help us who are feeling crazed (as I am). I’ve been bugging the folks in my office about the move for long enough that I now need a new outlet (aka the blog and you!).

The move is a totally great thing as we’ll be upgrading from 502 square feet to nearly 1200 square feet, but when you go from a cozy small craftsman style apartment to a spacious loft the headache in figuring out how best to use the space (let alone the moving process) is a little overwhelming.

Here is a photo of the space from the loft/bedroom area:

Ali\'s loft

To give you an idea as to what I am working with

  • It is a corner unit so there are two walls of windows.
  • The red industrial beam going across the theater curtains is about 17 feet high from the floor. From floor to ceiling we’re talking about 30+ feet.
  • The theater curtains (although not the most attractive) are staying which while keeping the sun out of our eyes also saves us from paying $283795729385 for fabric.
  • The floor space in the living area is huge…I am Read the rest of this entry »