Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Green Product of the Week: Artecnica TaTu Coffee Table


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I read with interest about GreenPrint this week, a company selling software that cuts down on the amount of ink and paper used in printing. The story’s angle was more about how to go from a great idea to a successful venture, but regardless of how far along the business end has come along, the idea is great, and apparently, the latest version of the software has ironed out a lot of hiccups they encountered along the way. For more information, click here. Of course, the lazy version of this is to at least print on the front and back of paper, and to keep a paper recycling bin next to your printer.

In the right under my nose category of living greener this week, I pick the Artecnica TaTu Coffee Table as the product I am currently coveting. Besides the fact that it can break down into a large bowl, tray, and basket, and that it is handcrafted by South African artisans, here’s what makes it green:

Artecnica’s Design with Conscience® products spotlight the design process from concept to creation, calling recognition to the value of artisan labor and craft techniques. In creating these products, Artecnica uses eco-friendly materials and production methods, promoting manufacturing processes that are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

If you dig this, be sure to check out the TaTu Side Table and the TaTu Stool.