Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Thomas Wold: Laundromat Seating for the 21st Century


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Ever feel like a proud soccer mom or dad…sitting on the side of the field cutting orange wedges for the team snack and cheering little Tommy on? We do, especially with long time friend and DP designer, Thomas Wold. Thomas has been writing feature articles for ReadyMade Magazine and we thought it would be nifty to give you a taste of his projects here on Hatch (with ReadyMade’s approval, of course). The goal of Thomas’s column is to help you to rethink and reshape the objects around you. In his projects you will see a lot of reused items that have been cut and mashed in various ways to become new, beautiful and useful objects. Our first Thomas Wold ReadyMade feature: “Laundromat Seating for the 21st Century.”

Thomas Wold: Laundromat Seating for the 21st Century

When Thomas Wold saw rows of seating at an airport or laundromat he thought, “Why not add other modular items to the row besides simple chairs…like lamps, side tables or statues?” Thomas then brainstormed, sketched, enlisted help from a local welder and ta da!…the creation was made.

His article in the 2008 April/May ReadyMade Magazine has fantastic tips on how to work with an expert in your area to craft one of a kind pieces as well as the basic blueprint for making a “Laundromat Seating for the 21st Century” creation of your own.