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Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Five Easy Ways to Get Toasty This Winter


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Up until recently, it’s been unseasonably temperate across a lot of the country thus far. But now that the cold has set in, are you ready? Here are five of our favorite ways to get toasty.


1) A warm throw. I love to pick a pretty one so that I can simply throw it over the back of my sofa and wrap up in it when needed. A reversible one like the Hugo from Area is a great choice, because it gives you two different looks.


2) A cozier lighting scheme. Adding lamps to side tables, desks, mantels, countertops and other ready surfaces is a great way to make your home feel warmer on cold dark nights. If you’re shopping your house to switch things up for winter, try swapping lamps from different rooms around, and make sure the room where you spend the most time has a homey lighting scheme. My favorite is to keep a small table lamp on my kitchen counter — I never want to flick on all those bright overheads when I pop in for a quick snack break on movie night.


3) Keep a hot beverage station at the ready. Whatever your poison — cappuccino, chai, cocoa, cognac — make it easy to prep a hot toddy. Corral all your supplies in one place near the kettle or coffee machine — cups, saucers, teabags, sugar, mini marshmallows and whatever else you’ll need to prepare your favorite hot drinks.


4) Add warm layers on the floor. Bare feet on a cold tile floor are never a great combination. Make sure you’ve got something soft next to your bed for those first few steps when you rise, add a flat-weave or Oriental rug to your bathroom floor, perhaps bring an area rug into a room that’s usually bare-floored.


5) Bring in a relaxing scent. Stuff like shoveling snow and black ice are stressful. Unwind with scents like eucalyptus, peppermint, spruce or lavender.

How do you cozy up for winter at home? Let us know your favorite ways.



Monday, December 28th, 2015

Five Super-Easy Organizational Resolutions


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We’re gearing up for New Year’s Eve, and by gearing up, I mean putting my favorite Chinese restaurant that delivers on speed dial and updating my Netflix queue. Starting off the year with only a green tea ice cream hangover is always a good thing. But then there’s New Year’s Day. That’s the day we have all sorts of lofty ideas about how we’re going to improve ourselves and our lives in the coming year. These things usually fall apart by Martin Luther King Day. So we’re starting simple with some painless ways to make things run a little more smoothly in 2016.


1) Simplify the great closet clean out. The thorough closet clean out is a great thing but can be overwhelming. Here’s what: instead, place a bin or laundry basket in your closet or laundry room. Whenever something is too big/small or just not liked, toss it in. When the bin is full, donate it. If the item is unsalvageable, turn it into cleaning rags.

2) Get that email box cleaned up. The second you receive something you have no interest in, go to the trouble to unsubscribe to it. Report Spam. Mark as junk. If you have gmail, keep promotions relegated to the Promotions folder.


3) Get that old-school mailbox cleaned up. Keep the paper clutter from ever entering the house. Whenever you receive a cumbersome financial report, a paper bill or other correspondence that needs shredding, go to the trouble of signing up for the paperless route right then and there. Opt out of pre-approved credit card offers and other junk mail at, and While you wait for this all to take effect, open the mail next to the recycling bin.

4) Never lose another password. I swear, this will save you countless hours of having to answer security questions about your first pet’s name and waiting for emails that contain temporary passwords. Sign up for LastPass ( right now. It is life-changing. The only password you’ll ever have to remember again is the on you use to log into LastPass.


5) Streamline your social media presence. I don’t know about you, but I find it boring and annoying when my friends post the same stuff to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It’s like dude, is it that important to you that we don’t miss the umpteenth photo of your dog? Do you really think that cheesy inspirational quote is so profound that we need to read it in three times in three different places? The answer is no (even though “Hang in There” in a terribly dated font paired with a cat does rule.) Social media hogs up way too much of our productive and real face-to-face social time. Try to pick one platform for personal use and stick with it. (OK, you can have two if you must, but no double-dip posts allowed.)

Do you have any plans to make 2016 less cluttered and more productive? Please share them with us.



Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Six of Our Favorite Modern Fireplaces and Wood Stoves


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Contrary to popular belief, it’s possible to be modern and warm. And we’re going to go ahead and take the “warm” literally and aesthetically. Here are a few of our favorite modern and contemporary fireplaces and wood stoves.

red ws

This glossy wood stove has retro and modern-day appeal. It provides a big red exclamation point in the middle of a stark white space. Photo by Bruno Suet


This beautiful home on Cape Cod combines classic mid-century modern architecture with warm touches like cushy upholstery, handmade rugs and a funky twig rocker. But the star of the room is the Fireorb, which looks like something straight out of The Jetsons. It is a new part of the extensive renovations by Hammer Architects, and is suspended from the ceiling and can be turned to face different areas within the space.


This Finnish cabin by Avanto Architects is minimalist yet super-toasty. There’s nothing like falling asleep to a glowing fire in the bedroom. Photo by Kuvio, via ArchDaily


While I have to wonder if it’s impossible to keep this clear glass surround clean, I can’t help but smile at this fresh take on a chimney. The log storage niche is an ingenious addition. No idea how to credit this as it’s like following a rabbit hole down Tumblr and Pinterest


This gorgeous loft looks super toasty thanks to a super-cool fireplace/wood stove hybrid. Kinda makes you want to gather around it and have a singalong. No idea how to credit this as it’s like following a rabbit hole down Tumblr and Pinterest

jenny kayne

Finally, I love a bedecked mantle/chimney. This one is is strong in its elegant simplicity.Photo by Yayo Ahumada, floral design by Moon Canyon, via Domaine Home


Monday, November 30th, 2015

Great Gifts for Tea Lovers


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Oh the blogs are always filled with talk of a warm cup of tea as the ultimate sign of comfort and even civility. Sometimes it’s such a cliche that it makes me roll my eyes, to be honest. But I have to admit, there’s something to it. Finding that perfect flavor, warming ones hands on a chilly day and relaxing with a few sips is a wonderful way to relax and creates an afternoon ritual — a time to take a little mental and physical break. OK, now you’re probably rolling your eyes at me.

Of course you likely have a loved one who talks tea more than anyone. They order Earl Grey at breakfast, Lemon Lift in the afternoon and get crazy with a mug-o-chai at Starbucks. They extol the virtues of antioxidents. The tea snob will usually hail from the U.K. and poo-poo our lazy teabags here in the states, and American tea aficionados have taken note and followed suit. These gifts are perfect for those folks who have turned tea into a hobby and passion. And they are long on style as well, from classic Royal Copenhagen to sleek Stelton to whimsical iittala. And while their odes to tea may make us roll our eyes, after they fix us a cup, we change our tunes.



Gifts for Tea Lovers



Monday, November 30th, 2015

Great Gifts for Cooks


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I love it when there is a great cook, budding chef or foodie on my list. While I have no culinary skills whatsoever, I love shopping for all of the fun tools that help them mince, dice, juice, chop and whatever else people do in the kitchen. However, I can attest that I have the funnel below and it works great, especially when trying to transfer that pesky dish soap and hand lotion from the big refill container into the sink-side dispenser. It even flattens out for easy storage. For the rest I relied on reviews from cooks who have used these gadgets for the function, and my own eye for the style.

Here we’ve curated some of the most useful, stylish and popular kitchen gifts at Design Public.Whether you need to grab something special for under $15 or your splurging big time on someone who really heats your burners, we’ve got something across a range of price points.

Gift for Kitchen Lovers



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