Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

In Case You Missed It: Around the Web Last Week


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1) A peep into the new Ace Hotel in New York City via Gothamist:

2) Cheery Color Therapy for Depressed Times over at It’s All So Lovely:

3) One of my favorite blogs is VisuaLingual. I’m not sure how I found it; I think I was checking out Cincy stuff because I grew up there and love the city. She finds the coolest things like this (Dispatchwork by Jan Vormann):

…and this Charley Harper Mural in Cincinnati I never knew about in the eleven years I lived there:

For more great photos of this mural, check out VisuaLingual.

4) Yellow makes me SO happy! Elements of Style has a great collection of yellow images and goods right here:

I did a post of yellow with black and white awhile back. It’s right here.

5) Spaceinvading. I am HOOKED!

6) Vanessa De Vargas rounded up some of L.A.’s hottest designers to share their favorite trends over at AT:LA. The post is here.

1) Ace Hotel photos by Katie Sokoler for Gothamist

2) from Living Etc. via It’s All So Lovely

3) from Jan Vormann via VisuaLingual; by Maya Drozdz at VisuaLingual

4) via Elements of Style. I think this photo was originally from Cottage Living.

5) Image © jamesapallister. Building is Arevalo Studio by Mole Architects via Spaceinvading.

6) via Apartment Therapy


Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Albert Hadley


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hadley-bw.jpgLast Thursday I was out at one of my favorite shops, Armour and Co., and my parents very generously bought me Albert Hadley: The Story of America’s Preeminent Designer by Adam Lewis.  This book is pricey (though you can pick it up at amazon for about $40 right now), but it is one every interior design book collection must have.  The sketches, prints, and photographs are absolutely amazing, and the stories told by Hadley to Lewis are charming.  One of the most amazing things about Hadley’s work is that it is so classic and timeless.  The only giveaways that date the photos of the older rooms are a grainy quality of print or an outdated television set.   The man does love to throw in a zebra rug wherever possible, but he makes it work!


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Saturday, January 5th, 2008

Vintage Modern Kitchen – Finally, a Space that Bowled Me Over!


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Lately I’ve been a bit bored with design, in the sense that I’ve felt oversaturated with it. I read too many design blogs, I receive too many design magazines, I have too many gorgeous design books. At least that’s how I was feeling before the holidays. Now that we are into boring January and I’m laid up with a headcold, I’ve been able to peruse all my glossies at my leisure without guilt, enjoying and studying the beautiful spaces (BTW, I stopped counting at 6 hand or foot sculptures and countless Suzanis – in fact, it became a challenge to find an issue without a suzani in it).

Sometimes a space just jumps out at you as just right. Although everyone and their brother seems to have a Saarinen tulip table and these wonderful chairs from DWR, this eating area is just right. I love the colors, the funky, unique, vintage-looking light fixture , and the amazing framed piece of vintage wallpaper framed from floor-to ceiling. How great to pull up a crazy modern paisley upholstered bench up to the round table. They shot is styled to casual-looking perfection. Bravo and thanks to Metropolitan Home, photographer John Ellis and Interior Designer Sasha Emerson!
photograph from Metropolitan Home Dec 07, photographed by John Ellis.


Friday, July 6th, 2007

Color Palette: Yellow Black and White


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Currently, I am totally obsessed with yellow, black and white, and I’m trying to accumulate the right objects in this palette for my own bedroom (the turquoise and red thing I had going on does not go with the blue walls in my new place, and lord knows I am not painting that room anytime soon). Many of my fellow bloggers have covered this palette before, but I thought I would try to get a nice collection of images together for you to enjoy:

Classic Vera Scarf via Style Court:

from Another Shade of Grey:

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