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Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Designer Interview: Sarah Jane Studios


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We are so excited to announce the launch of a collaboration made in heaven. Illustrator Sarah Jane of Sarah Jane Studios has teamed up with Pop & Lolli to bring her charming and whimsical creations to removable fabric wallpapers and decals.
Pop & Lolli founder Mia Viljoen first fell in love with Sarah Jane’s work when her daughters’ South African grandmother made them matching dresses from Sarah Jane’s fabric. She then realized the charming illustrations would make brilliantly gorgeous wall decor, decals and wallpaper .
Today we’re sitting down with Sarah Jane to learn more about her inspirations for this charming collection. Thanks so much to Sarah Jane for sharing her thoughts and inspirations with us!
PHOTO CREDIT: Tara B Photography
How does this collaboration differ from others you’ve done before? My products in the past mostly have been created here at Sarah Jane Studios. My fabric that I design is a collaboration … a licensing relationship. And this one is just that. I love that I can design for Pop & Lolli while still keeping the Sarah Jane esthetic as a strong brand. This collaboration is different in that I am actually able to sell and market the wallpaper myself as well, which I get really excited about. I love being directly involved with the customer!
What’s it like to go from prints and textiles to wallpapers and decals? Is your approach any different? If so, in what way? From textiles, wallpaper is an easy translation. Most of my wallpapers are directly from my fabric collections. My approach with the wall decals took a bit more preparation. It was a matter of in some cases redrawing the illustrations to fit the end result of being enlarged and used separately.
How can parents help keep the magic of childhood alive the way your illustrations do? Creating creative spaces for children is key. Children live in their imaginations, and will do that naturally regardless of their environment….for a time. Keeping their spaces a live with color, design and story is what keeps that whimsical thinking an ongoing experience for them. I’ve also found that when  children’s space is designed with creative play in mind, the parents are more likely to engage in that play as well. Fostering creative play is always easier when the space is fun, colorful, and whimsical first.
What inspired this collection? Is there a particular message seen in it you’d like to reiterate? What does this message mean to you? Simple, imaginative play inspires most of my designs. I am a firm believer in letting children be children. Not growing them up too fast. The world does a pretty good job of that already. Children parading around with balloons and bugles, mermaids that seem classic and timeless, and children riding bareback through an open field might seem unrelated in context. But in feeling, it’s the same. Let children imagine themselves without boundaries, keeping play simple and creative and imagining themselves in the art.
But on top of that, I also care greatly about making sure that a children’s space is in line with the design-minded parents. Color that’s fresh, line work that’s simple and expressive. The parents have to love it too!
Thanks so much Sarah Jane! We’re so excited that everyone who makes a Pop & Lolli purchase will be entered to win a $50 gift card from Design Public, now through August 8, 2014, so be sure to check out all things Pop & Lolli.

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Home Inspiration from a “House” in Ireland


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Travel suggestion: if you ever find yourself in Ireland book a couple of nights at the Bellinter House about a half hour outside of Dublin. I just came back from a jaunt in the land of the green/cable knit sweaters and this “house” (aka mansion) was incredible. Every room was styled with such an eye, color and detail. I’m ready to paint my walls fern green, my ceilings celadon and my bathroom midnight blue all while drinking a few pints of guinness. A few of our photos from our time there (oh, and make sure you eat lots of scones…also incredible!).


Friday, September 17th, 2010

Rue Magazine is Here!


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It was such a treat to read the buzz about Rue Magazine’s premiere issue yesterday and then to peruse it. I know I am going to back and pore over it for hours. It was so much fun to see so many of our favorite bloggers and designers featured (I’m not even going to name them because I know I’ll inadvertently leave one out – there are SO MANY!).

When I first started blogging, one of the very first blogs and the first photo we ever feel in love with on Flickr were both from Victoria, a.k.a. sfgirlbybay. It’s been so much fun to watch her blog grow and to watch her switch up her home, especially after she moved! Let this photo serve as a teaser, then, if you haven’t already, hop on over to Rue and check out the entire issue. My only wish is that I could buy this baby in print and add it to the very special magazine issues I keep permanently:

The folks over at DwellStudio are some of the best at styling their products, but I think they would likely agree that this one is a superb example of styling their Chinoiserie Pearl bedding!

image from Rue, shot by Tinywater Photography


Thursday, September 16th, 2010

More Images from The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs


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Here are a few more shots I snagged at The Ace Hotel Palm Springs this past weekend. It’s such a perfect desert hangout, and again, I cannot recommend breakfast enough, though I must say, I felt about at least ten years older than the average guest at this joint.

I’m not sure I could have asked anyone to place these scooters in a more perfect spot for this shot!

This mid-century modern roofline is just so California to me. I love its relationship to the range beyond it.

No detail was overlooked. There are kitschy tchotchkes and vintage books in the lobby.

This shelf unit above was copied by one of my favorite bloggers, The Brick House, in her home as a D.I.Y. project. Check it out here.

The lobby has this fun natural history museum on ecstasy display.

Love this tile pattern by the pool.


Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Modern Macrame: The Ace Hotel


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This weekend in Palm Springs I kept finding myself at The Ace Hotel’s King’s Highway for breakfast. Not only is the breakfast divine, but the awesome take on macrame kept cracking me up. From the outside, you get a big clue of what the lobby has in store for you:

Even the globe lights’ cords were wrapped in rope. It’s a small detail that really catches the eye.

I didn’t get too many great shots, but I’ll try to share some more with you later!