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Friday, December 3rd, 2010

3 tips to get the kids to STAY at the kiddie table


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Getting the kids to stay seated at the kids’ table is one of the most challenging tasks of any parent during holiday festivities.

Whether you’re a parent or simply a host to guests with children, these 3 kiddie table ideas will help you keep those tiny bums in their seats!

1. Available in playful and grown-up prints, these placemats from Modern-Twist are “the bee’s knees.” Nurturing the inner artist in every child, the mats are doodle-friendly with the use of washable or dry erase markers.

2. Make the kids feel like important guests. Use these adorable picture frames from DwellStudio as place cards.

3. Use craft paper instead of a table cloth and let the kids go wild with the new DwellStudio Stamp Sets. Available sets in Baby Farm, Baby Zoo and Baby City.


Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Tips on how to set a chic holiday table for less


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There’s something about that holidays that makes people want to gather and celebrate. You probably want to have a little get together to entertain some friends in the next few weeks but you don’t want to spend too much money setting your table.

After all, you need that moola for purchasing gifts.

1- Wrapping paper as a table runner.

Use a plain table cloth or fabric and then make it fabulous with patterned and/or bold wrapping paper. Cut wrapping paper with pinking shears to craft a runner. Use double-stick tape to secure the runner to the tablecloth.

2- Inexpensive votive holders as flower vases.

You can spend a lot less on flowers by doing this. Place one or two buds in each holder.

3- Print personalized menus as place cards.

You can type it up on any word processor using nice font, print it out on regular print paper and glue it on to colored card stock.

4- Make a burlap table runner in under 10 minutes.

Just cut the burlap to size and pull on the ends to create the fringe. Add ribbon on the ends for a finished look.

Image sources: 1. Real Simple, 2. Frolic Blog, 3. Charmed Events Planning, 4. Project Pretty.


Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Flicker Faves on Fridays: Clean Simplicity


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I had to put a fave star next to this shot from flickr member Smile and Wave when I saw it in our Fresh New Spaces Group:

The slightly beat up cabinet takes on a fresh look when it teams up with a large sleek lamp, some white vases complete with branches, the aqua vintage typewriter and the etched mirror.

Check out the history of the piece and a lot more fun posts over at Smile and Wave’s blog.


Friday, August 7th, 2009

Flickr Faves on Fridays


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Through our Fresh New Spaces Group today I found flickr member Liz and Mabel’s steal of a mid-century sleeper sofa, found on craigslist for $65:


By the way, love the outfit, the pooch, and that aqua mini-gourd lamp too!

I absolutely love this lady’s smashing style! After perusing the Liz and Mabel flickr sets I found Mabel’s House blog, and I am absolutely smitten with her trips, photography, entertaining and fresh writing. Also, this woman has got a real eye for transforming forgotten furniture pieces with colorful paint. For example, I love this big blue mirror project:

I love the pops of turquoise all over this home. Here’s one more, check out the rest here:


Friday, October 10th, 2008

Couch Trip?


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Are you so bored with this:

That you would be willing to swap it for this?:

Wednesday I was rolling change to pay my AmEx minimum payment and watching Oprah. The topic was getting creative about being thrifty. There was a lot of talk of coupons, bike rides, and getting free DVDs from the library. One very creative idea came from two women who were sick of their own decor but didn’t have redecorating bucks. They decided to swap couches to get a new look. This is a cool idea. It made me lift up the cushions, drag out the vacuum attachment, and get all the scary crud out from under the cushions. I’m not really thinking about swapping couches with anyone, but for some reason I became acutely aware of how disgusting it looked under there when I was looking for my friend’s lost cell phone last week. Wow, I just reread this paragraph and I sound like a pretty sad case on so many levels! Maybe I’ll go read The Secret after I finish writing this…

Is there anyone you’d like to swap couches with? Remember that Tom Cruise jumped on hers in a Scientological amorous frenzy and broke all the springs, so you probably don’t want Oprah’s. I was looking for images of hideous sofas for this post and came across a funny site – it’s the ugliest couch competition.  That hot mess of calico pictured above was only the fifth runner up!

To read about more of Oprah’s thrifty tips, click here. By the way, there is a big difference between being thrifty and being cheap. Por ejemplo, being thrifty is budgeting when and where you can afford to go out to eat. Being cheap is being that person in the group who doesn’t throw in for tax and tip, counting the cash in the tip pile, saying it’s “too much” because it’s 20% and then taking the extra dollars and putting them in your pocket. I’ve been out to eat with many of you (there’s one of you in every group, and you whip out pen, paper and calculator when the bill comes), and apparently, you DO NOT know who you are.

Another rant: I don’t know how much skype is paying Oprah, but the integration of skype on her show is incredibly annoying and awkward. I suppose showing someone via skype instead of flying them to Chicago to attend the show reduces Oprah’s carbon footprint, but it makes for really crappy TV.

Barcelona Sofa image from gibraltarfurniture

Ugly sofa picture from