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Monday, February 16th, 2015

Junkin’ in Georgia


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I know we feature very clean-lined contemporary and modern designs here at Design Public, but in order to make a design interesting, all white walls and rectilinear lines need something, well for lack of a better word, junky. I’m talking rusty and crusty.


photo from Fort Indian Springs Antique & Flea Market Facebook page, all other photos by Becky Harris

Yesterday, I took a trip down to Fort Indian Springs Antique & Flea Market and found myself imagining the kind of spaces where a collection of rusty wrenches, a big crusty turquoise sign that said “CARPE” or a Buddy L Hertz toy car carrier from 1961 could go. I’m still not sure on the last one, but I bought it anyway.

If you look closely at the building above, there’s much more that meets the eye; painted details are all over the walls, as well as owner John Hanley’s metal sculptures. I loved this guy who greets you right next to the front door:

IMG_5047Around every corner in this multiple-acre compound there were stacks of old metal, wooden chairs, half-rusted out cars and slapped-together outbuildings. But were they so slapped together? There was something about the way third-generation junkman John Hanley (who has also bred two more generations of junkmen, bringing the legacy to five generations in his family) has everything arranged that reveals the eye of an artist; wonderful assemblages and compositions that combine necessity and art.




The side of one of the campers looked like New York City street art from the Basquait/Haring days:


An exuberant wall recently painted by folk artist Rev Ness entices visitors around the corner: Read the rest of this entry »


Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Flicker Faves on Fridays: Clean Simplicity


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I had to put a fave star next to this shot from flickr member Smile and Wave when I saw it in our Fresh New Spaces Group:

The slightly beat up cabinet takes on a fresh look when it teams up with a large sleek lamp, some white vases complete with branches, the aqua vintage typewriter and the etched mirror.

Check out the history of the piece and a lot more fun posts over at Smile and Wave’s blog.


Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Home Tour with DeNai of Petunia Pickle Bottom


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Petunia Pickle BottomPetunia Pickle Bottom co-founders DeNai and Braden share an incredible tour of their home and design style. Keep an eye out for the school map of the United States, the oversized Chinese ceremonial mask and the mushroom collection. Without question, I could live here and feel well traveled, educated and at peace. Beautiful job, guys! If you want to learn more about PPB, check out our designer interview. Enjoy!

Maybe it’s the fact that in my professional life vibrant color and pattern are my signature style at Petunia Pickle Bottom that make my personal life at home a monochromatic world.  My rule of thumb when putting together a room usually begins with one object.  I am a fan of flea markets or something with a little history.  So when I begin to style a room, it is usually a unique found object that sparks my imagination.

Our home was built in the 1920’s and still has a considerable amount of the original details.  Our family room is where we like to hang out by the fireplace, read books to the kids on our comfy couches, take a nap or set up train tracks to circumnavigate the room.  When I first saw this room, I was struck by the 8’ window and high exposed beam ceiling. It was light and bright so I chose colors that would naturally illuminate.

Petunia Pickle Bottom

The focal point I designed around was the natural wood Roost buck head flanked by archival school charts (lobster and bird) that stem from my father’s days as a college biology professor. My recent obsession with mushrooms covers the fireplace mantle.

Petunia Pickle Bottom
Friends joke our kids will have nightmares from the oversized Chinese ceremonial mask that hangs in our dining room. Found at an antique store in historic downtown Ventura, she’s become part of the family. We think it was used in the movies or carried in a Chinese parade.

Petunia Pickle Bottom

The red lips of the mask were the perfect color to pair the walls, a vintage red wood telephone booth door filled with glass, and our custom table crafted by my husband.

My 3-year-old son Sutton’s room was recently converted to a “big boy” bedroom.  Years ago I found a stunning oversized school map of the United States (chalk printed so you can write on it) that I knew would be perfect for a child’s bedroom. We held onto over the years and it served as the perfect centerpiece for the “Traveler’s odyssey” theme for my son’s room.

Petunia Pickle Bottom

Complete with a flying ship, globes, suitcase, guitar, army blanket, old books, and Read the rest of this entry »


Sunday, July 6th, 2008

Vintage Modern Inspiration


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I think perhaps I am a little too obsessed with vintage decorating books lately, but they offer such a wealth of great images. I like to see how some pieces have remained the same but their surroundings have changed, how some rooms could work great as-is today, and how some just need a few tweaks with accessories. This week I am sharing Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Ideas: New Room-by-Room Decorating Tips for Every Taste and Budget.

How great is this room? I love everything about it with the exception of a few tchotchkes. Is that a Nolli map? Which city do you think it is? I’m trying to guess with the radial streets and that big swath down the middle – is it a river or a grand boulevard? I’m guessing it’s probably Paris or Rome.

I LOVE yellow, black and white, and these sofas are perfect. I’ll leave the butterflies for Mariah Carey though:

These vintage books always have the most charming illustrations:

This bold and posh Regency bathroom is pretty chic by today’s standards:

Not sure why I scanned these, but since I did, I thought I’d share:

Cover photo from Customer Images at You can pick this book up for under $2 there.

All other photos scanned from Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Ideas, Meredith Publishing Company, 1960.


Friday, June 27th, 2008

Thrifting/Antiquing in Atlanta


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Yesterday I went to drop off a trunkful of donations after a massive closet clean out.  After I do this, I let myself hit some of my favorite shops on the Chamblee antiques row.  Here are the two items vying for the most bizarre find award:

A giant teacup from a diner in Florida:

Or this, for which I simply don’t have the words, besides, perhaps, only in Georgia:

By the way, both of these antique stores were full of amazing finds. A small taste of the modern furniture at this place:

In addition to the teacup, they had this oblong tulip table and chairs, Martinsville chests, a fab plaid Jens loveseat, and barstools that look like they came from Mars:

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