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Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Brick and Mortar Stores: fourTwelve Main


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I think I truly mourned when G.F. McGregor’s in Rockland Maine closed. You know how you find that very small handful of shops in your life that truly inspire you? They are curated and merchandised to perfection, and you just want to move in? That was how I felt about G.F. McGregor’s, but yesterday, I found a shop to fill the void.

My aunt bought some gorgeous Thomas Paul pillows for our family place in Maine (much to my chagrin, as I could have ordered them at DP), but when I asked her where she’d found them, she sent me to fourTwelve Home in Rockland. Formerly just the clothing and accessories boutique, the shop acquired the space next door and opened up a home store.

Home Goodies to the left, Clothing to the right…hey, there’s my Mom!

This shop combines just the right combination of historical preservation and regency glamor. The original wooden floors are painted light gray with a tiny hint of green/blue in it. The original exposed brick walls are painted white. The ceilings are covered in white tin tiles, and the exposed pipes are painted white. That’s where the the old patina shows through; everything else is shiny and fresh. It is a perfect balance. There are fabulous light fixtures hanging in a line down both halves of the store, there is oversized floral wallpaper in the dressing rooms along with benches, there are gorgeous mirrors and mirrored furniture, there is a large velvet ottoman in the boutique (it looks like it came straight from Nanette Lepore’s closet), and there are little peacocks peeking out at you here and there from the tops of shelves.

Included in the home items were John Derian decoupage, Jonathan Adler vases, Thomas Paul pillows, Bob’s My Uncle sea life plates, emu furniture, funny books, gorgeous soaps and bath items, those cool Caspari long match matchbooks, and a fun array of letterpress cards. It’s a perfect stop for accessorizing one’s own home or for picking up a great gift for just about anyone for any occassion at any price point.

By the way, among all the great articles of clothing they had in there, I kept pulling out the cutest pieces and they were all by Beth Bowley, whom I hadn’t heard of before. It turns out she is the owner, a Parsons grad, and she launched her clothing line in 1998.

Overall, the decor reminded me of the jewelry available in the store. The newer lines are very delicate, and handcrafted from silver and gold. In addition, they have a wide array of vintage pieces that are unique with some hints of funk and a few well-earned signs of age. It’s a new inspiration I know I’ll keep in the back of my mind whenever I am decorating.




Friday, December 19th, 2008

Favorite Brick-and-Mortar Stores: City Issue


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I had been meaning to stop by City Issue for about a year and I finally did on Monday. Perhaps I sensed the danger; I wanted everything in this store! There’s been a void since Victory Vintage downsized (you can still find a booth at Kudzu), and City Issue will definitly help to fill it. Filled with Mid-Century Modern pieces, the set decorator for Mad Men could completely outfit offices of Sterling and Cooper from this store. It was the first time I’ve ever seen a George Nelson desk Paul McCobb wine rack in person:

Here’s the weirdest lamp I’ve ever seen:

Fabulous modern woodstoves without the mess or fuss (they are electric):

There are many foundry mold patterns to choose from. I love the way they have arranged them on this wall; the colors are so well-balanced:

I could go on about this place and post about 15 more badly-shot camera phone pictures, but I’m going to edit myself a bit. There are dozens of Danish Modern pieces, driftwood tables, original lamps by  Mark Harding Designs, C. Jere sculptures, vintage ceramics, original artwork from the mid-century as well as exhibits and art openings of current artists. There are pieces by Thonet, Eames, Dunbar, Dansk, Aalto, Saarinen, and many more iconic designers. The store is in a great location (across Highland from Fritti; 325 Elizabeth Street), it is expertly merchandised, the owners are as nice and helpful as can be, there’s a mascot inside some days, her name is Ernie and she’s a sweet pup, and most importantly, they are HAVING A SALE THIS WEEKEND, tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday. I have been trying to stop myself from picking up the driftwood tables and a Scandanavian Modern sofa:

To see all of the inventory, go to Even if you aren’t in Atlanta, you can call the store and have items shipped. They will also search for items that you are seeking and cannot find. To register for inventory updates and upcoming events, click here.


Monday, September 8th, 2008

Top Design Junkyard – Answers Found!


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Thanks so much to the Hatch readers for figuring out where the shopping spots on Top Design were! Who knew instead of squinting at the store sign (that didn’t even have a store name on it) on the TV I should have been READING THE CREDITS AT THE END! DUH!

Commenter Jessica let us know:

I found it!
The junkyard is called freeway building materials and it’s in Los Angeles on Boyle Avenue.
There is a picture of the front and it matches your video clip.
I looked at the credits at the end and it was listed right above SV de Paul.
anyway, I think I’m probably right…here is the website…check it out.
See you there!

Commenters Tony and So Lovely let us know that the thrift store was St. Vincent de Paul. They also had some suggestions that sound like great resources as well. Check out all the comments to the post here for some great L.A. treasure hunt shopping!

By the way, you can make a tub that looks like this…

…look like this one in my bathroom. Mine came from Paris on Ponce and cost $350:

photos from Freeway Building Materials


Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Top Design Junkyard


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Quick Question: Does anyone know the name of the L.A. “junkyard” where the contestants shopped on Top Design last night? The above shot of my TV is the only clue I have, and I tried to zoom in on the sign, but it was all a blur! I want to be able to share the information here – it looked like an amazing place full of architectural artifacts, vintage light fixtures, amazing iron gates, etc. In short, it looked like HEAVEN! What seemed like hell was only having an hour to spend there. I couldn’t believe people (well, at least the chick I’ve named “Vegas Baby” were complaining about shopping there! is no help whatsoever; I’ve read every blog and every detail about the episode trying to figure it out for you all.


Monday, August 18th, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama


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Well, I always manage to visit the most highbrow of places when I’m on the road. Conway Twitty City, Wall Drug, Cooter’s Dukes of Hazzard Museum and now Magnolia Manor. Yup, I’m in Helene Helena Alabama at the home of my friend Richard’s parents, and last night we took in all the sites. First was Magnolia Manor, the gracious home where Borat brought a hooker to a Southern hospitality etiquette dinner night. We were going to hold up plastic bags for the shot but realized that it would be in poor taste. Just kidding, we just could not find any plastic bags, plus, it was really dark out:

The other “famous” home, right around the corner, USED to belong to some guy with long hair named Bo something who lost on American Idol. It was too dark to take a picture, and really, who cares? We ended the tour with a stop at the local watering hole, which it turns out is only open for lunch after church on Sundays and then locks up tighter than a drum. Ah, The Bible Belt!

As for home decor shopping, the 18th Street area of Homewood outside Birmingham had some really fun stores. The people at Soho Interiors were really friendly and another store called At Home was a lot of fun to browse. I even caught myself digging the crazy lakehouse store (Seibel’s) full of twig furniture and lamps made from old Coleman lanterns. The main drag was really cute and all the shops had fun building facades like these:

One more picture-worthy thing in Alabama is this wallpaper from a bar bathroom. The bar was across the street from the toy store pictured above, and whatever you do, don’t order food there. Seriously, how can you screw up chicken fingers so badly? Just buy some Birdseyes from the frozen foods section at the Piggly Wiggly, for the love of god! There is just no excuse! The only thing saving that place is this fabulous wallpaper:

Alright, I must go start my quest to find 1980’s magnolia wallpaper. Seriously, it’s so Kate Spade, it’s just TDF. I’m mentally decorating my guestroom around it as I type. Or maybe my closet. Or bathroom. Hmmm…


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