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Friday, May 4th, 2012

Flickr Faves on Fridays


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I realized I have been neglecting my friend Flickr lately, which actually made it really fun to go back and catch up on all of the great photographs you all have been sharing in our Fresh New Spaces Group! Here is a small sample of the many that caught my eye.

stories from lisbon:: landeau chocolate

This one was posted by Claudia of Twiggs Photography and it’s titled “stories from lisbon: landeau chocolate. I love the way this room has combined patinaed metals and woods against the white painted brick and those enviable industrial windows. It’s industrial yet warm, and the photography is stunning. In fact, at first I didn’t realize this was two pictures side by side at first glance; I thought it was all one room.

back porch furniture

This photo was posted by tiffanycsteinke and it’s called “back porch furniture.” I love it’s retro grooviness and the way her photography has created all that white space nd light in the background. It gives her furniture an almost surreal quality. Check out her blog here.

Expedit corner

The photo above comes to us via Rita (the busy woman and the stripy cat). There’s something so wonderful about her bookshelf arrangement; it’s organized yet casual and not too-too styled. This looks like a room that invites pulling a book off he shelf, putting an album on the turntable and curling up on that comfy slipcovered sofa.

the sun was shining just right

This cheery dining room shot is titled “the sun was shining just right.” Yes it was, and I love the way Flickr member Loup-Loup captured it, and I especially love the way she used a Mexican serape as a colorful table runner, and that she has gold bentwood chairs.

blue vintage lamp 4

Finally, this charming tablescape is called “Blue Vintage Lamp 4: Love at first…light.” was posted by Flickr member mihameeha. It’s really cool; she has this lamp posted with all sorts of different backgrounds as part of different vignettes.

Have some shots of your home you’d like to share? Please add them to the Fresh New Spaces Group!


Monday, January 2nd, 2012

2012: Resolve to Stay Inspired


Posted by Becky | View all posts by Becky

Ugh. I’m old enough to know I’m never going to stick to any hard and fast resolutions, like losing weight or giving up vices, so I’m not going to sit here and tell you how to clean your closet or reorganize your shoes. However, one thing that keeps me inspired to complete some projects around the house is an ant infestation.

Another thing is looking at beautiful pictures of other peoples’ much more clean and organized homes. So here are a few from Flickr. Thanks to everyone who continues to add their pictures to our Fresh New Spaces Group. Whenever I want a nice little escape from whatever I’m working on, I head over there to get my creative juices flowing.

Love this clean white kitchen from Flickr member aindizain. My kitchen island has NEVER looked so good, but maybe after admiring this picture I will make it look like this.

As for the bedroom, it is NOT that hard to make up your bed everyday. If you find that it is, consider sleeping European-style, with only a bottom sheet and duvet with cover. Rooms like this make me want to get out that weird vacuum cleaner attachment and get those bunnies underneath the bed. Image from Flickr member Tomas Pearce Interior Design Consulting Inc.

Of course, an entryway is the spot where your interior will make it’s first impression, so I like to look at this one with the cool map for inspiration. Posted by Flickr member photo.OP.

Finally, thank you to Danielle over at The Style Files for continuing to collect some of the most beautiful images out there! This living room will help you resolve to have more fun with your décor this year.

If you make one rezzie this year, resolve to stay inspired. When you feel that inspiration waning, seek some out.


Friday, November 11th, 2011

Flickr Faves on Fridays: Bringing the Leaves Indoors


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Once again, a flickr favorite came from Flickr member Saidos da Concha, who added them to our Fresh New Spaces Group. Blogger Concha has moved from Lisbon Portugal to Staffordshire England. She’s obviously finding some beautiful leaves around the countryside to bring into her English home, adding organic autumnal style. What I really like is that rather than going for the typical firey red and brilliant orange leaves we’re used to seeing in fall decorating, she included leaves that were still half-green and light yellow. I never would have thought of this:

Don’t you just want to plan a room around the colors in those leaves on the left side of the mantle? It’s such a beautiful color palette! I also love the way she’s tied in the sweet little gourds, the bird prints, and the books in this mantle arrangement. Simple clear glass vases let the leaves be the stars.

A master of tablescapes and shelf arranging, once again Concha has created a beautiful and fun composition here. The grahpics on the posters are crisp, more intricate little works of art are mixed in, stacks of books that could be total pulp (though I do spy some literary classics) add another layer, and a mustachioed rabbit and a fun little car top off the piles of books. It’s so much fun! I also love the way she tucked these leaves behing the sconce. They will cast interesting shadows at night when the lights are on.

If you’re struggling with ideas for your Thanksgiving decorations, why not take a look around at the leaves outside, grab a pair of pruners, and swipe a few?

Read Concha’s full blog post here


Friday, October 28th, 2011

Flickr Faves on Friday: A Groovy U.K. Lounge Makeover


Posted by Becky | View all posts by Becky

Thanks so much to Flickr member The beauty is in the details for adding pictures of her lounge to our Fresh New Spaces Group. It is a true lounge; don’t you want to curl up on that couch and watch some trashy shows on television, or sit with a bunch of friends and enjoy some cocktails?

lounge | dandelion

The wallpaper adds vibrant energy to the room. It’s Sanderson Dandelion Clocks

dining room | dandelion

Dandelion Clocks also make an appearance in the dining room. I don’t know about you, but I’m jealous!

To see more of The beauty is in the details’ “nice bits and bobs” and home decor, check out her blog and her Flickr photostream.


Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Flickr Faves on Friday: Karen’s Cheerful Studio Space


Posted by Becky | View all posts by Becky
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Thanks so much to Karen M. Anderson for sharing some peeks into her studio with us in our Fresh New Spaces Group. It’s so full of color, well-organized and happily eclectic. Here’s a look:

Thank you for reminding me how much I love turquoise and red together Karen!

Like what you see? Check out Karen’s goods in her Etsy shop.

Have a favorite spot at home you’d like to share with everyone? Please post it in Fresh New Spaces!


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