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Monday, December 6th, 2010

Inspiration Monday: Annette Joseph


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I am so excited that photo stylist Annette Joseph will be giving a talk this Friday at Lavish! It gave me a kick in the pants to go take a look at her portfolio. Here are a few favorites (it’s hard to choose). You may check out much more of her work here.

photo from Renovation Style

photo from Better Homes and Gardens

photo from Decorating

photo from Country Home. Guinea Hen painting by John “Cornbread” Anderson

photo from Atlanta Magazines Home

photo from Decorating

Getting a good interior shot is so hard, and Annette’s styling makes it look easy. I’m still at phase one, where I try to get ugly cords out of the way! Her work inspires lovely tables and tablescapes, perfect furniture arrangement, and looking lived in without looking messy. I’ll follow up after I see her speak to share what else I learn from her.

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