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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

The Cooper Hewitt Design Awards


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I just received this email from Cooper Hewitt, urging me to vote for the People’s Design Award this year. It’s a very democratic way of anointing good design with the kudos it deserves:

Every year, the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum confers the National Design Awards, which are chosen by a jury of distinguished design gurus. But do you agree with the experts? Whether it’s handmade or mass-produced, high-end or low brow, if it’s well-designed, we want to hear about it!

Cast your vote on your favorite design from product design to architecture and from graphic design to fashion design.

Well, here at DP we’re a bit biased, because we super-duper love Bow Bins by Cordula Kehrer for Areaware, which are new to our site! So to vote for them, click here.

We also adore the David Weeks Guthrie Cubebot, also up for the award:

Vote for Guthrie here.

Oh, and we love that the Jonas Damon Alarm Clock is one you don’t feel like you need to hide on your nightstand. An ugly digital alarm clock can really wreck a tablescape.

Vote for this gorgeous alarm clock here.

Finally, the classic Kartell Ghost Chair has become a classic icon in its short life:

Click here to show some Louis love.

Finally, for all of you jumping on the ping pong bandwagon, try this handle-less version by Alfred Brodmann.

Vote for the Brodmann Blades PingPong Set here

To see all the other nominees and vote, click here.


Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Hotel High Design


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Let’s face it, we’ve all seen so many cleverly decorated boutique hotels that it takes a lot to catch attention lately, doesn’t it? I mean, we’ve seen everything from Beetlejuice looking B&Bs to crack den chic (a certain Manhattan too-cool-for-school joint, I’m talking to you). However, as I caught up on my magazines with an old issue of W the other day, a tiny picture from “August’s Most Wanted” caught my eye (yes, I am that far behind on my glossies). It was a shot of a bedroom from the c/o Maidstone East Hampton. Let’s enjoy some fresh eye candy from their Swedish icon designed rooms (inspirations range from Eero Saarinen to Birgit Nillson the soprano, not to be confused with Brigitte Nielsen, known for Red Sonya and Flavor Flav reality shows):

The decor inside this lovely classic in are very unexpected:

Pssst, if you like that chair from The Vernor Panton-inspired room, we have it for sale here.

This joint is also extremely dog-friendly.

They also have Kronan bicycles ready to lend out to all of their guests. I suppose you could put your tiny dog in the basket and pretend he’s Toto. By the way, that would make you Dorothy.

They’ve also done their best to remain energy-efficient, from nixing the bottled waters to serving organic food in the restaurant.

Color me refreshed.

All images via c/o Maidstone.


Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Cape Cod Modern


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This week an exciting show will be opening at The Provincetown Art Association and Museum. If you’re in town to, oh, I don’t know, go see Varla Jean Merman (sooooo funny), get there a little early so you can stop by and admire the show about the unique modern architecture on the Cape titled “Cape/Modern: The Architecture of Survival and Celebration .” The show is curated by Mark Hammer, an architect and expert on this regional style, whom I had the pleasure of interviewing awhile back.


Friday, July 8th, 2011

Flickr Faves on Fridays – Holy Aalto!


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Wow, when I first saw Flickr member j5k’s home, I thought it was some sort of Alvar Aalto landmark. It incorporates a spectacular collection of mid-century modern furniture. This post is a teaser, I encourage you to check out the entire Home set from j5k.


Friday, May 27th, 2011

Flickr Faves on Fridays: Open Floor Plan


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Today all of our pictures come from Flickr member ardelclaveria, who is currently in Manila. Isn’t it great to be able to look through so many photos from all over the world on Flickr? It still blows my mind. Just a teeny tiny little thumbnail of this image jumped out of our Fresh New Spaces pool and bowled me over:

This is such a great way to make the most of a small dining area. The bench keeps the view open, the banquette hugs the wall, and the shapes of the furniture  and the fabrics are gorgeous choices.

A clear coffee table adds visual space, the tablescapes are brilliant, and the shaggy rug defines the sitting/lounging area. Note the way the bench straddles the two spaces and can be used in either area for seating.

Finally, I just really love ardel claveria’s photography skills. Taking interior shots that look this beautiful takes so much skill and talent. Thanks so much for adding them to our group!

All photos from Flickr member ardelclaveria.