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Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Public Art: Re:Construction


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I just read about this project in Good Magazine. It’s called Re:Construction, and it’s a public art project spearheaded by the Alliance for Downtown NY in collaboration with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Here is the idea:

Re:Construction channels the energy of Downtown’s rebuilding process by recasting construction sites as ‘canvases’ for innovative public art and architecture. This initiative comes at a time when Lower Manhattan is experiencing one of the largest public and private construction undertakings in the nation’s history. In response, Re:Construction bridges the efforts of multiple public partners and the creative community to both highlight and enliven the process of rebuilding while improving the quality of life in Lower Manhattan through the creation of places of attraction, curiosity and anticipation.”

Some of the pilot projects include Best Pedestrian Route by GRO Architects:


photo by Adam Kleinman

Tattfoo Tan’s Concrete Jungle, where the orange construction safety paint on jersey barriers has gone Dior:





photo by Tattfoo Tan

It’s interesting, obviously lots of graffiti and guerrilla artists have been taking advantage of these types of sites for a long time, and doing a great job. It will be interesting to see if the organized version can compete. Any time there is a chance to create art, I say go for it, whether through a bunch of red tape or illegally.


Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Fire Station Renovation


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 Who doesn’t love a firehouse? It seems they are truly en fuego right now as a trend.  Perhaps it started with this house, where the Ghostbusters had their headquarters:


Then there was The Real World: Boston, where a charming firehouse was renovated to house seven self-important, immature  strangers.  This was one cool renovation:


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Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Ken Smith’s Dumpster Gardens


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I was thinking about how famous Ken Smith has become in the years since I heard him speak at my school. I think I missed his visiting professorship with the fashion and landscape studio by about a year or two, which will always haunt me. However, my class was lucky enough to visit his office and take a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge with him in 1999. I remember the walls of his office were covered in bubble wrap and there was this strange gong music playing. We were drinking beers while Ken presented some of his work to us when my hilarious friend Lucia leaned over and whispered “this is my favorite song” to me and I about died trying not to bust out laughing. Anyway, I pulled out my Ken Smith book yesterday and his P.S. 19 dumpster planters brought a smile to my face. He is always coming up with creative ways to think about gardens, whether they are vertical, blooming from the pubic area (no, I am not kidding), involve chandeliers hanging over famous avenues, made out of light cones, providing specific aural and other sensory experiences, or are blooming from unexpected receptacles.


P.S. If anyone can find Ken Smith’s website, let me know so that I can provide a link. I can’t seem to find one anywhere, not even over on ASLA’s website. Thanks.

Photoshop by the offices of Ken Smith, Landscape Architect.

Photographs by Albert Vecerka. Both are from the book Ken Smith Landscape Architect Urban Projects.


Friday, October 19th, 2007

Modern Lounging in the Sky?


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When I think of flying, I think of making sure I have socks on to get through security planter’s wart free, being wedged between two large men who hog the armrests and most of my personal space, crappy peanuts and cranky flight attendants who should have retired at least fifteen years ago.  However, it seems that my hometown airline is trying to change these perceptions.  Delta has opened the temporary Delta 360 lounge in NYC through November.  Included in the lounge are the new flat-reclining seats that will be coming to Business Elite soon, OnDemand HBO shows, free coffee and Coca-Cola products, cocktails created by Randy Gerber, a menu created by chef Todd English and free wi-fi.  This seems like a pretty clever marketing move, designed to suck in those coveted few patrons who actually Read the rest of this entry »


Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Cities as Movie Stars


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I’ve been on a total Woody Allen kick lately, most recently catching Manhattan. It started me thinking about directors who make the city a star in a movie. Who do you think does it best? Here’s a short list for me:

Woody Allen and New York City, in most of his movies:


Also, Woody and London in Match Point: Read the rest of this entry »