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Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

DP Customer Profile: Emily Loves Bikes


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Not too long ago Twitter follower emilyabbs sent us a TwitPic of her upper playground Dora Drimalas Bike Love Tee. Not only do we love that Emily tweeted her photo to us, but we love that she loves bikes and we love that she has a three legged dog named Hopalong Dixie…

Name: Emily

Where do you live? Phoenix, Arizona

What do you do? Co-owner & graphic designer at Two Birds Creative, Inc.

DP Purchase/s: upper playground Dora Drimalas Bike Love Women’s Tee

What’s your favorite DP product and why? My “Bike Love” tee! I recently wore the shirt when I visited some friends in Portland, and to New Belgium’s Tour de Fat in Tempe, AZ. Basically, I love anything bicycle. It fascinates me that the bike is the only mode of transportation that improves with use.

Four sites/blogs you visit daily: I’m a graphic designer, but I love interior design and revamped old furniture.I feed that side of my Read the rest of this entry »


Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Q&A with Josh Jakus


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Josh JakusLast week I was thinking about a project I wanted to make with wool felt (yes, I spend a good amount of time thinking about textiles, don’t you?!) when James announced that Josh Jakus was the newest addition to our site. What a sign of inspiration! Josh is known for his felt pieces made from factory excess fibers and rubber designs made from recycled tires. When people use one of Josh’s products they naturally encounter the way it was conceived and developed. Amazing stuff. Enjoy the Q&A!

I’ve read that you have a background in both architecture and furniture design. What was the turning point that led you from architecture and furniture to soft goods?

I started doing furniture design in architecture school because they had a woodshop and I’ve always enjoyed manual work. As a design process I liked the simplicity and perfection of furniture as a counterpoint to architecture, which is so complicated and messy (sometimes in a good way). After I finished school I continued making furniture while I did freelance architectural work. My intent was to turn the furniture into a business that would go along side my architecture, but it proved to be very difficult to come up with commercially viable pieces. So I decided to experiment with Read the rest of this entry »


Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Q&A with Susie Mendive of SUM Wallpaper


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I never thought I would say this, but thanks to designers like Susie Mendive of SUM I am actually ecstatic wallpaper has made such a solid comeback. This is gen-u-ine excitement. My parents coated our home with wallpaper in the early 80’s, and it wasn’t pretty. It was so bad I remember as a little girl trying to peel it off to hint to my parents that they needed to do something with the walls. Now, times are different and I want to paper my walls myself!

Wallpaper actually gets me all riled up so I apologize in advice for my lengthy list of questions with Susie Mendive. Enjoy!

I know a bit about your background…a graphic designer with a graduate degree from North Carolina then to LA then to NY as art director with stila cosmetics…but I think there are some holes, especially in how you transitioned from branding cosmetics to designing modern wallpaper. Tell us more! How did SUM come together?

It happened very organically. I very much wanted to design and produce my own product and call all the shots. It just made sense at that point in my career. There is a lot of hard work involved and it can be consuming but I like taking it one step at the time.

Tell us about the name, SUM. How did you come up with this?

My husband and I were in Tokyo and it just hit me, Su is from Susie and M from Mendive but more than that it was the idea of a total home concept…SUM of all parts. A total approach to design and living.

The female silhouettes of your Floral Femme Fatale prints are an amazing graphic. They have a significant presence let alone bring Read the rest of this entry »


Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Staff Profile – Ali


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I suppose I have to join in the staff profile fun…

Where are you from? I am a Boulder, CO mountain girl at heart, but I lived in a small town in Illinois for a few years during my formative years where, like Joe, I learned to appreciate the taste of Midwestern cuisine (meatloaf, corn, frozen peas, Jell-O with marshmallows, etc.). I also lived in Saudi Arabia and Alaska shortly after I was born, but I don’t really remember either spot so I guess they don’t count.

Where do you live now? I have been a bit of a nomad during my 9 years in Nor Cal. Currently I have nestled myself into a corner in Oakland and love it but I have to continue my nomadic ways…as of next week I’ll be moving into a loft space in Emeryville. Expect lots of photos oh-so-soon!

How did you get interested in design? I have always had a passion for crafts, design, and art in general. As a child I would make intricate dioramas for book projects and they would typically be scenes in a home (and no, my parents didn’t make my school projects for me). In college one of my majors was in art with a focus on mixed media painting. I took a couple photography classes and while other students did their final projects taking pictures of people or landscapes, I was off photographing chairs.

Blu Dot Nick TableWhat’s your favorite DP product and why? I have major love for the Blu Dot Nick Table. The character of the woodgrain and the rounded edges make me melt. Some may call me a “DP addict” since Read the rest of this entry »


Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Staff Profile – Joe!


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We’ve introduced the ladies of our Three’s Company customer service team, Melissa and Kerstin. Now it is time to meet the ringleader aka Jack Tripper aka John Ritter aka…Joe!

threes company joeWhere are you from? Nebraska! The great land of beef, corn, and Football – with a capital F.

Where do you live now? Last year I moved from a fabulous sprawling penthouse in Oakland to an equally lovely shoebox in SF. It’s all about location, baby!

How did you get interested in design? I worked at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for years and found myself attending as many architecture and design lectures I could get into. It is fascinating for me to learn about the process a designer goes through in order to realize their ideas. It is also interesting for me to see how people can interpret the same object in so many different ways. I think that’s where the line often blurs between art and function.

Area Jewel White BeddingWhat’s your favorite DP product and why? Love my Area Jewel duvet and Area Theo coverlet. I always tell people its my ‘fancy’ bedding.

What do you like most about our company? I mostly work here for the free food. People say we have a Read the rest of this entry »


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