Friday, May 24th, 2013

Father’s Day Shopping and Weekend Sale

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Father’s Day is Sunday June 16. Are you ready? We’re here to help! Scope out our Dynamite Gifts for Design-Dude Dads section to find the perfect gift for Pops. As a bonus, we’ll have a Memorial Day Sale going on starting today. Do your Father’s Day shopping this weekend and save 15% on your purchase! Simply use coupon code TIMETOGRILL when you make your purchase

For the Joey and Chandler-ish Dad:RS Barcelona Foosball table

For the iPad-Loving Dad:

Sons of Trade Index iPad Sleeve

For GQ Dad:

Braun Men’s Analog Watch

For Funny Dad (this one should probably come from his wife):

Twig Terrarium Boobies!!!

For Audiophile Dad:

Parrot by Starck Zickmu Speaker System

None of these float your Dad’s boat? Check out the wide range of gifts we have for every budget here.


Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

On Trend: Barn Doors Move Inside the Home


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One of the most popular elements Americans are demanding for their homes today harken back to our agricultural roots – barn doors on tracks.


photo via Tineke Triggs

These doors add architectural interest to minimalist rooms, rustic style to cabins and can stand up to the scale of large rooms.

They are also a great way to add character to a pantry or hidden office niche in a kitchen or hallway:


One tip savvy Do-It-Yourselfers and builders have let me in on is to buy the track hardware from a local farming supply company rather than the ones marketed to homeowners online – you’ll save hundreds of dollars. The track is another design element to consider – options include finishes from metallic to blackened and design details.


picture by Kelly Motschanbacher of The Polished Pebble

You can also use the track hardware to hang other kinds of doors. Interior designer and blogger Kelley Motschenbacher used vintage doors from old changing rooms on tracks as unique doors in this home full of reclaimed items.

via Reclaimed Lumber Products

You can also scour architectural salvage spots for reclaimed original barn doors, or have the doors crafted from reclaimed wood. If you do a quick search of “reclaimed wood carpenter” and your city it’s pretty easy to find someone to make them for you.

image via Clark and Zook Architects

Of course on the flip side, simpler lines and a bold color can give the rustic element of a barn door a more modern look, like this bright laundry room door.

photo via Elle Decor

New traditionalist Darryl Carter has taken the track door to a whole now level with this antique patinaed piece covering a closet niche.

One thing to note: While much like a pocket door these doors eliminate the need for swing clearance, you will need to keep the adjacent wall space empty to allow the door to slide over.

Have you added a barn door to your home? Please share any tips or a link to a picture of it in the Comments below!


Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Ode On A Bay Window


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Winder Gibson ArchitectsWinder Gibson Architects

Today we have a guest blogger, Jennifer Lutz, who stages special events in homes and transforms ordinary rooms into stunning places for family gatherings and holiday celebrations. She blogs about home decor at Jennifer is sharing some fabulous ideas for bay windows today. Welcome Jennifer!

Bay windows add wonderful charm and function to a home; not only do they bring a view of the beautiful outdoors inside, they are also a great way to add loads of natural light to a room.

Choosing a Bay Window

It’s best to start with something simple and clean. A minimalist design can be easily integrated into both traditional and modern decor schemes.

Budget: Prices will vary greatly depending on your location and professionals, where you would like it placed as well as materials. For smaller spaces, like kitchens and bedrooms, a small bay can run you around $1000. For larger spaces, like foyers and living rooms, the cost will begin at about $1500.

Materials also play a role in how much you pay. Bay windows are available in wood, vinyl, aluminum, PVC and steel. Steel and wood are the most expensive among the choices, but they are also the most durable followed by fiberglass and aluminum then PVC and vinyl.

Designing a Bay Window

The versatility of a bay window is what makes it such a wonderful addition to your home. A custom-designed bay window can be a strong focal point in a room, in addition to providing storage space, cozy seating, extra workspace and great views outdoors.

As a Seating Area

Creating a seating area is one of the most traditional and well-loved uses for a bay window. A cozy nook is made comfortable with natural light, a beautiful view, thick cushions and colorful pillows. The seat of a bay window truly does double-duty, with storage underneath.

Flank either side of the window with tall bookshelves. Not only will all of your items be organized and easy to access, they’ll become a part of your decor.

As a Focal Wall

Nothing displays your belongings quite as nicely as a bay window. If seating isn’t a concern, consider creating a focal wall by using the space beneath the window to display family photos, heirlooms and you favorite potted plants.

As a Workspace

The extra area created by a bay window is perfect for a quiet workplace. To optimize the space, storage and shelving can be installed above or below the bay windows.

Rest assured that whatever you decide, the architectural beauty of a bay window will add a delight all its own to your home.

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

How Not To Stage Your Home For Resale


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I’m addicted to looking through real estate  on sites like Trulia and Zillow; I fantasize about high rise living in Chicago or a beach house on Martha’s Vineyard and cruise the ads when I need to take a break from work. Sometimes the pictures shock me. Did these people realize pictures to try and sell their homes were going to be taken that day? Could they have maybe made the bed? Here’s one that really cracked me up today. It’s a nice place, it looks fairly clean, it’s not cheap, but it’s very clear that a dude or dudes live here. Dudes that were likely in a fraternity.

Nice open living room, but the fact that a Foosball table is a focal point tips me off that Joey and Chandler may live here.

This kitchen is acceptable and clean. However, if you’re trying to sell your home, clear your counters. You may leave a teapot and a wine rack out, but I don’t want to see your dishrack (this tells a potential buyer that dishwasher may not work so great), your clutter, and I can’t smell the kitchen from the picture, so go ahead and put the Fabreeze away. By seeing it, I’m already thinking that your kitchen may very well stink.

OK, where to start? The dead plant is just bad feng shui. Make your bed. Place your occasional chair in a place that makes sense instead of the middle of the room. Put your clothing and that weird exercise contraption in the closet. Put the TV on a table or stand instead of directly on the carpet. Put the creepy poster in the recycling bin. This room belongs to Patrick Bateman’s messier brother.

Again, throwing your comforter over your rumpled sheets is not making the bed. Hang your jacket up. Put your shoes away. Clear that odd console. Don’t have wires hanging down from lamps. You literally could have put all the clutter behind where the photographer is standing for five minutes and this room could have looked clean and normal.

Finally, these guys do get points for putting the lid down, my number one bathroom shot pet-peeve. However, put your personal toiletries away. I don’t want to see a loofah hanging in the shower, the fact that the bottles are on the shower floor tells me that there is not a handy niche in there and I too will have to bend down to get my shampoo or have one of those stupid faucet hangers that never works right. I’m glad that the owner clearly has good hygiene, but the clutter is distracting.

Again, this place wasn’t exactly ready for an episode of Hoarders, it just needed a housekeeper and a home stager. What are your biggest home staging pet peeves?


Friday, February 15th, 2013

SALE! Get To Know MASH Studios Dark Collection


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Ah contrast. Dark walnut-stained teak wood combined with sleek white powder-coated aluminum accents makes for beautiful balance in the sophisticated Dark Collection from MASH Studios. Whether or not your weekend plans include shopping for a piece or two of furniture, be sure to check out the clean lines and beautiful finishes on these clever contemporary pieces. We have a number of beautiful pieces on sale at 20% off while supplies last. All of these pieces are limited editions, so there is only a limited supply. Here’s a peek at some of my personal favorites.

I love a hard-working piece of furniture, and the Limited Edition Dark Low Storage Unit certainly fits the bill. What’s great is that you can use it in your living room for books, display and media storage today, then use it as a nightstand or linen storage in your bedroom when you’re switching things up. It has two large drawers for storage and an open compartment complete with an adjustable shelf. I think it also makes a beautiful TV stand; you could simply drill a few holes for wires in the back for the cable and ROKU boxes, then stash all of your DVDs in the drawers.

The Limited Edition Dark Coffee Table has clean lines that you won’t need to clutter up. Why? Because it has a secret…

… the white aluminum panels slide out, revealing a spot for remotes, trashy magazines, pens, and other items that aren’t up to coffee table book status.

Next we have the Limited Edition Dark Entertainment Shelf. It has three divided compartments for organization, complete with a white sliding aluminum panel. You can slide the panel over to hide the unsightly electronics when they are not in use.

The Limited Edition Dark Nightstand has a minimalist look but plenty of room to stash all of your goodies and room for your bedtime reading underneath.

Finally, a beautiful Limited Edition Dark Occasional Table is an elegant perch for cocktails. The simple construction, clean lines and beautiful wood color make it the perfect piece to center your furniture around.

Shop the MASH Studios Limited Edition Dark Collection Sale