Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Christian Louboutin’s French Chateau


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In spite of their torturous heel placement and the fact that they run ridiculously narrow, I love Christian Louboutin’s shoes. The man owns homes in Egypt, Paris, Portugal and the French countryside, so like the shoes he designs, he is ridiculously extravagant, but the resultant beauty seems worth the high-maintenance issues. I’ve seen his Egyptian sailboat featured here, but I had not seen his 13th century French chateau until I finally cracked open the October issue of In Style. It’s dreamy, and he accomplished his mission of making the place look like it “belongs to a family that has been traveling and accumulating for decades.”

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Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Rachel Zoe Styles Her Own Home


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I used to think Rachel Zoe was just a really skinny fur and maxidress clad talented fashion stylist who turned Nicole Richie from a normal-sized, tacky logo clad teenager into a Pucci and Missoni clad stick figure. However, I am totally addicted to her new show, The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo. Tonight she’s going to be shopping for her own home. It should be pretty interesting and involve a lot of sticker shock, especially since she is going to be shopping at Fendi Casa. Zoe understands that the appearance of her environment is a reflection of her and her brand. She also follows the same philosophy we advocate: Scrimp on the trendy items, splurge on the classic important pieces. Also, she believes that it is “extremely important that you love what’s in your home.”

I have a sneaking suspicion she is going to SHUT IT DOWN in terms of what her home looks like tonight. I also have a sneaking suspicion her husband is not going to be too happy with the credit card debt!

Click on the image above to see a sneak peek of tonight’s episode.

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Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Pet Fashion Week!


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Going to be in the New York area next week with your little brown dog Finney and not sure what to do? Go to Pet Fashion Week!

Pet Fashion Week, NY

Not only will this be THE pet show to go to but we are proud to report that two of our pet loving designers will be featured at the event.

You’ll find all the Marmalade pet care products at the Ecouture exhibit…

Marmalade pet care


Jed Crystal from Hepper has a soon to be available NomNom food tray which was chosen as one of the eight finalists for the Pet Fashion Week Lifestyle Innovation Awards. This highly coveted industry award is presented to one of the eight companies that has demonstrated the highest excellence in pet product design. This year, Pet Fashion Week NY has chosen “pet dinnerware” as its featured category for the PFW Lifestyle Innovation Award. So, I present to you the NomNom! Good luck, Jed…we are rooting for you!


* Above Pet Fashion Week photography by Nathan Shanahan, Dog accessories by Fab Dog, Styling by Annemarie Aldrich, Courtesy of Pet Fashion Week NY


Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

So Chic


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Maria Beatrice and Leonardo Ferragamo’s Villa Le Rose

Oh how I want to be Margaret Russell, the Editor of ELLE DECOR. In addition to her unparalleled editorial skills, she must have about 8,000 cocktail dresses that look fabulous on her. In the foreward to my new favorite book, So Chic: Glamorous Lives, Stylish Spaces, she defines what makes a space chic:

But what exactly is chic? Webster’s defines the word as “cleverly stylish; smart; a woman who adapts fashion to her own personality.” When it comes to interiors, chic is that and far more. A chic space can be razzle-dazzle glamorous or quietly unpretentious, seriously sophisticated or unapologetically bohemian. The unifying thread is indisutabley confidence, no doubt boosted by splashes of joie de vivre and flair.


Jaouad Kadiri’s Moroccan Country House


Kenneth Jay Lane’s Stanford White Designed Park Avenue Townhouse

This is a really good way to describe ELLE DECOR. They offer a wide range of styles in their spreads unlike any other magazine, from over-the-top opulence of say, Kenneth Jay Lane, to the lived-in rustic look of Ralph Lauren; from the eclectic vibe of Anh Duong to the elegant Grey Gardens-esque decay of John Derian; from the vintage but modernly crisp Thomas O’Brien to the exotic shapes and textures used by Jaouad Kadiri. This book culls the best examples from the magazine’s archives, and the range of styles is remarkable. The common thread is that they are all, undoubtedly chic due to the designers’ individual styles, whether they be influenced by the Ottoman empire, mid-century modern, vintage, Hollywood Regency, Morocco, the eclectic mix, et. al. Read the rest of this entry »


Friday, January 25th, 2008

Interior Design and Fashion Design


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I’ve been thinking about the relationship between interior design and fashion design for awhile now. I think my very favorite example is this:


For those of you too young to remember, this is from The Carol Burnett Show spoof skit, “Went with the Wind.” When Michael Kors references Scarlett O’Hara, Carol and curtains on Project Runway, this is what he’s talking about. God I miss that show. It was HILARIOUS!

Lately I look around at fashion and interior design and the trends are interchangable. Right now, exotic textiles seem to have spread from beds to bodies. It’s hard to know which design field started it first. Oscar de la Renta, who has home furnishing and fashion designs seems to be leading the suzani and ikat fads over to fashion:



For zebra, who knows? It’s been a staple at Dior for years:




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