Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Oscar Fashion and Interiors


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Watching Fashion Police: The 2013 Academy Awards got me thinking about how these fashions will influence interiors in the months to come. Here’s a look at some of the dresses and the trends we hope to see emerging from them:

Charlize Theron’s very minimal Dior was controversial. Most commentators hated it but I loved it; it was very appropriate considering that the futuristic sci-fi she starred in, Prometheus,  was nominated for awards:

The dress looks like a paper origami sculpture on top. Perhaps it will bring back origami birds:

Photo by Bobo’s Origami Photography

Nominee Naomi Watts and Halle Berry both donned very futuristic dresses. Photos do not do Berry’s Versace justice; the coolest thing about it was the way it moved, especially on stage in the spotlights. Naomi’s silvery gray Armani may have taken a cue from the popular interior color, with fashion following home design. I think its chair counterpart is a timeless tulip chair in platinum:

The Fashion Police crew unanimously voted  for Jennifer Lawrence as Best Dressed. Perhaps it was a sympathy vote for this moment? The Dior couture dress is the opposite of Theron’s, and clearly was not at all functional. I think she’s an amazing actress and seems like she’s completely natural and down to earth, unlike that other winning actress, but the only way I’d adapt this dress to interior design is via a vase full of white peonies.

Photo by Diane James Design

Reese Witherspoon went for a retro glam royal blue Louis Vuitton stunner. The color is also a fashion favorite of the Obama ladies. Are our interiors ready for royal blue? While turquoise and teal have been having their moments as of late, we haven’t been seeing royal in interiors as much. I think it’s high time. if you’re not ready walls saturated in royal, try a sofa like this one:

Photo uncredited on Pinterest; please leave us a comment if you know where it came from. I feel like I saw this coffee bean burlap ottoman in a treehouse-y house in Silver Lake on Apartment Therapy years ago but I’m not sure!

What did you think of the Oscar fashion trends? Were there any that inspired any plans for your home? Let us know in the comments section.


Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Brick and Mortar Stores: fourTwelve Main


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I think I truly mourned when G.F. McGregor’s in Rockland Maine closed. You know how you find that very small handful of shops in your life that truly inspire you? They are curated and merchandised to perfection, and you just want to move in? That was how I felt about G.F. McGregor’s, but yesterday, I found a shop to fill the void.

My aunt bought some gorgeous Thomas Paul pillows for our family place in Maine (much to my chagrin, as I could have ordered them at DP), but when I asked her where she’d found them, she sent me to fourTwelve Home in Rockland. Formerly just the clothing and accessories boutique, the shop acquired the space next door and opened up a home store.

Home Goodies to the left, Clothing to the right…hey, there’s my Mom!

This shop combines just the right combination of historical preservation and regency glamor. The original wooden floors are painted light gray with a tiny hint of green/blue in it. The original exposed brick walls are painted white. The ceilings are covered in white tin tiles, and the exposed pipes are painted white. That’s where the the old patina shows through; everything else is shiny and fresh. It is a perfect balance. There are fabulous light fixtures hanging in a line down both halves of the store, there is oversized floral wallpaper in the dressing rooms along with benches, there are gorgeous mirrors and mirrored furniture, there is a large velvet ottoman in the boutique (it looks like it came straight from Nanette Lepore’s closet), and there are little peacocks peeking out at you here and there from the tops of shelves.

Included in the home items were John Derian decoupage, Jonathan Adler vases, Thomas Paul pillows, Bob’s My Uncle sea life plates, emu furniture, funny books, gorgeous soaps and bath items, those cool Caspari long match matchbooks, and a fun array of letterpress cards. It’s a perfect stop for accessorizing one’s own home or for picking up a great gift for just about anyone for any occassion at any price point.

By the way, among all the great articles of clothing they had in there, I kept pulling out the cutest pieces and they were all by Beth Bowley, whom I hadn’t heard of before. It turns out she is the owner, a Parsons grad, and she launched her clothing line in 1998.

Overall, the decor reminded me of the jewelry available in the store. The newer lines are very delicate, and handcrafted from silver and gold. In addition, they have a wide array of vintage pieces that are unique with some hints of funk and a few well-earned signs of age. It’s a new inspiration I know I’ll keep in the back of my mind whenever I am decorating.




Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Modernists: It’s Never to Early to Start!


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I was just surfing around poppytalkhandmade and saw this AWESOME Shell Rocker Onesie from mimimouse, and I am DIGGING IT! It ALMOST makes me want to have a baby…

Oh, and look! It’s a tea party complete with Panton chairs!

Images from poppytalkhandmade and mimimouse. To order, click here.


Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Have you been on The High Line Yet?


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I haven’t, but I’m dying to! What did you think?

I’m a huge fan of Bill Cunningham, and he has a charming video here about the fashions he’s seeing on The High Line.

Speaking of fashion, check out the High Line Merch here. I love the Trina Turk green and white print hat:

Keep up with High Line news over at The High Line Blog and the ever-growing Friends of The High Line flickr group pool. This shot is from flickr member ljpsf.

top two photos from


Thursday, January 29th, 2009

The City: Olivia Palermo’s Pad


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Since Ali went there and admitted to watching The Real World yesterday, I figured I’d just go there and admit that I watch Whitney Port navigate The City on a weekly basis. The hilariously cold and snobbish “social” Olivia Palermo has a pretty sweet pad. I equate plopping a Hermes logo tray to wearing a T-shirt that says “J’adore Dior,” or me pinning my Ralph Lauren Polo tags to my bulletin board when I was eleven, but this room is pretty nice. I certainly would not let that cousin of hers put his dirty nasty self anywhere near the white John Robshaw pillows, but since those have been available on The Home Shopping Network she should probably pitch them anyway. What kind of trust fund princess with a fake job at DVF would be caught dead with goods that are readily available to the masses?

Also on The City, two random chicks no one cares about gossip about making out while perched in big Kelly Wearstler chairs at Bergdorf’s…

images are screen shots from