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Friday, November 27th, 2009

Trends: The Union Jack


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While I’m thankful that our forefathers got rid of those pesky British taxes that didn’t have representation and all, I am always a sucker for a Union Jack. I think my favorite use of it lately was the quilts featured on Man Shops World by Becky Oldfield. Here are a few more dreamy shots of the U.K.’s flag I’ve been collecting lately:

keith johnson uj ed waldron

Check out Timothy Oulton’s sofa:

michael falco nytimes timothy oulton

A dash of Vivienne Westwood (she’s been doing this a long time) via Living Etc.:
LE Jo Berrymant64c3feb5f33

LE Jo Berrymant

From Natural Curiosities:
nat cur BRIT

From Made By Girl:
made by girl via houzz

From Jonathan Adler:
ja union jack

From one of the designers of Libertine, as seen in Domino.
domino union jack

From the fabulous Bonnie Cashin:
bonnie cashin

From Naked Decor:
Quilt image by William Waldron via Elle Decor
Sofa image by Michael Falco for The New York Times
Living Etc. images by Jo Berryman for Living Etc.
via Natural Curiosities
Bonnie Cashin Foundation


Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Design Drinking Games: Pedro Friedeberg Hands & Feet


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I can’t find anything inspiring to share with you, but all last week I was dying to revive the design drinking games. Just as you’d gulp some down whenever Brenda was a bitch on the old 90210, take a swig whenever you see this newly ubiquitous object.

ja hand met home

For months now I’ve noticed that Pedro Friedeberg’s hand and hand chairs are popping up all over the place. Sometimes they even have a foot attached to them. Before Pedro’s chair burst on the scene, the last time I’d seen a hand-shaped chair was in Buster’s room and later Lupe’s house on Arrested Development (Buster: I’d never thought I’d miss a hand so much”):


Have you noticed? It’s been making a lot of covers lately. First Jonathan Adler & Simon Doonan’s anti-depressive Florida pied-a-terre on the cover of Met Home:

ja hands florida

Then Kelly Wearstler’s home redesign in Vogue:

How about the sexy Nate Berkus-designed Milan home of Brian Atwood:
nate hand

This Last week The New York Times Home section featured Jay Jeffers’ temporary digs (he’s waiting for his drive-in apartment. I still don’t get that. Why do you want to put your car on an elevator and drive it into your apartment? What about carbon monoxide? Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard):


pf chair ed

Image Credits:

  • Images (2) from, also seen in Metropolitan Home (R.I.P. – We’ll miss you Met Home!)
  • from here
  • Image by Francois Halard via Vogue
  • Image by Simon Upton via Elle Decor
  • Images by Bruce Buck for the The New York Times
  • Image by Roger Davies for Elle Decor

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Recession: Go Minimal or Feather the Nest?


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I was just thinking about these economic times, and I wondered, even if a family’s financial situation is  stable, is this a time when people pare down and get minimal? Do they think about how much more efficient and affordable a smaller, emptier space is? Do they wind up selling everything they own on eBay? Or, just happy that there is a chicken in every pot pie, do they feather their nests, hunkering down at home and fussing with the tea cozies they’ve been knitting? What do you think?

Stairway photo by Todd Eberle, from the book Minimum

Hearth photo by Suter Hedrich-Blessing, from Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Ideas, 1961


Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

New iPhone App for Interior Design Junkies


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What do you get when you mesh an iPhone with an interior designer? Either a really style savvy phone, an interior designer who is always connected or perhaps a bit of both. In this case I’m talking about the new Mark on Call iPhone/iPod Touch application. Created by L.A. based interior designer Mark Lewison, the app will let you create rooms in accurate shapes and sizes, lay down flooring, add and place architectural pieces, appliances, furniture…you name it, all via your phone. You can even take iPhone photos of colors and textiles and place them in the room to see what works what doesn’t. I’ve seen people come into our office with intricate sketches of their spaces trying to decide what will go where…but now you can do it all by phone!

My, how technology rocks/rules our world.

Video from Mark on Call


Friday, November 21st, 2008

White Bowl Black Seat


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I love to peek in on Thom Filicia’s website and see what’s new from time to time. The white toilet with the black seat and lid jumped out at me. I like it. It has a crisp 1920’s look to it:

I’ve been seeing this white bowl/black lid trend lately. I first noticed one in my bathroom at The Standard on Sunset*, which tries hard to look like a no-tell motel with its tongue in its cheek. The lidless bowl is bad feng shui and has a deliberate institutional vibe. I guess they don’t want anyone to stay too long, so they make you feel like you are tinkling  in a  a mental hospital:

Last month I spied one in Rita Konig’s redo of Deborah Needleman’s guest bath in Domino:

The look is part retro and masculine. Perhaps this is the same toilet they have at some Old Boys Cigar and Scotch Club. What do you think of it?

*Ah, in my usual cruddy  and skill-less point and shooting technique, complete with the CVS bag full of stuff we forgot to bring with us is on the bathroom floor.

1st and last photos from and Domino Magazine, respectively. photographer unknown; if you know, please comment so I can add it – I can’t seem to find it in the article. AHA! THANK  YOU ANG WHO COMMENTED: The photographer is a fabulous Australian chap by the name of Justin Bernhaut. Check out!

photo two from