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Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Around the Web This Week: What We’re Clickin’


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New Rue! I particularly liked seeing how interior (among other things) photo stylist Raina Kettelson and her architect hubs decorated their farmhouse for new tenants in just two weeks. I especially love it because it’s in my favorite color combo: Black, off-white, yellow and gray.

photo by Emily Johnston Anderson

I can’t even begin to explain it, but this branding experiment I saw over on Fast Company is just cool and rather hypnotic to watch:

As an Atlanta resident who lives right near where most of these photographs were taken, I am particularly interested in the work seen on the Return to Atlanta blog. He took pictures all over Atlanta 23 years ago, and now he’s returned to shoot the same spots and compare the two sets. It’s a universal study in gentrification and really interesting to anyone who wants to follow the way cities change over time. While lots of good has come of some of the changes have occurred, the saddest change was the Urban Nirvana Studio. It’s a good case study in paving paradise to put up a parking lot. What was once this crazy exuberant garden full of sculptures and plants..

image from Return to Atlanta

…is now this typical generic gated condo complex:

image from Return to Atlanta

Don’t read this one unless you are ready to fall into a bloghole, but the list of nominees for Apartment Therapy’s The Homies award will keep you clicking from now through next Tuesday. It’s kind of sad (on my part) that I haven’t even heard of the one that was on top of the list, Manhattan Nest; I’m going to go check it out now. See you Monday!


Friday, February 17th, 2012

Around the Web This Week


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Via Anthology: The way Douglas Coupland composes objects on shelves is just as cool as that whole LEGO thing In Microserfs:

This isn’t the first time Coupland’s eye has caught our eyes. Here’s the first time. Here’s the second time. He’s also a great Twitterer (Tweeter? Whatever.) to follow.  Also, regarding Anthology, if you haven’t subscribed yet, you are missing out. You’ll save each one as you would a favorite coffee table book, so don’t let the price scare you away. You can have it delivered to your door by signing up here, or find it at Anthropologie.

Via ArchDaily: Coolest bridge ever? Look out Calatrava, Zaha Hadid has thrown quite a hat into the sculptural bridge ring. The Sheikh Zayed Bridge in Abu Dhabi is like some sort of Arabian Loch Ness Monster stretched from shore to shore. Actually, when I look at Christian Richters’ photographs of it, it looks like something different from every angle.

Image by Christian Richters

I also love the sketches of the bridge. It’s amazing to see it evolve on one piece of paper. Doesn’t it look kind of like a pathological liar’s polygraph results?:

Via This Old House: World’s Wildest Houses IX. I think that says enough about it; I don’t want to ruin the surprises by describing anything more than The Bottle House.

Via YouTube: Just in case you’ve been living under a rock:  The now-famous Willie Nelson/Coldplay Chipotle commerical that was first shown during the Grammy Awards show on Sunday. What did you think of the commercial, regardless of what you think of Chipotle? Let us know in the comments section.


Friday, February 10th, 2012

Around the Web This Week: 5 Links We’re Liking


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1. The Valentine’s House: Alright, it’s about that time, I’ll throw you a Valentine’s Day post. My favorite on this week is interior designer Jennifer Brouwer’s heart-y work I spied over on Coco+Kelley:

photography by Donna Griffith; Interior Design by Jennifer Brouwer Design

2. The Facebook Kitchen: A friend of mine found this kitchen by 3-D artist Dan Howard on this 3-D rendering site and I thought it was a hoot. Do you Like it?:

3-D rendering by Dan Howard of Wren Kitchens

3. Interior Stylist’s New Site: Thanks to emmas designblogg, I found interior stylist Tina Hellberg’s new site, which is so chock-fulla beautiful inspiration that it’s almost overwhelming.

image via Tina Hellberg

4. Adding Some Soft Bright Notes and Daybed Comfort to the Breakfast Nook: I probably include sfgirlbybay more than anyone else, but I can’t help it. Right when you get used to what her pad looks like, she switches it up dramatically! When she first went dark painted her walls a chalkboard paint in graphite, it was shocking, especially because her old place was so light-filled and white. It was also alluring and beautiful and made thousands of people want to follow suit. Now she goes and switches it up again, bringing in the brights. Check out her “All New Nook.”

photo by sfgirlbybay

5. Popular Mechanics: If you had ever told me how much I’d love the Popular Mechanics site before I checked it out I probably would have laughed in your face; I have never been very technologically or mechanically inclined but this site is for everyone. It’s well-organized, full of awesome images and has really great advice for your home.


Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Around the Web This Week: 5 Links That Lifted Us


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1. A Makeover That Gives Me Hope: I just love how this office on Apartment Therapy went from frumpy to super chic. With just a few moves it was completely transformed from ’80s ucko to something that looks kinda like a kate spade photoshoot set styled by Mrs. Lilien. Plus, we sell that super-chic Ghost Chair.

image via Apartment Therapy

2. Interviews with Architects: Love this! Thank you so much to the awesome ArchDaily for the tipoff about this, it’s really fun the way it’s been put together. My favorite cliche question? “Less or More?” I was shocked that the more won out over less in a landslide victory!:

Between February and August of this year, Luca Farinelli met with some 20 architects, critics, and historians and presented them with an identical sequence of questions, recording each meeting on video. Conversations with Emilio Ambasz, Peter Eisenman, Steven Holl, Bjarke Ingels, and Thom Mayne can be found in Log 23.

3. Be Aware of the Upcoming Venice Beach Modern Home Tour: If you live in Venice Beach, or if like me, you’re a Californication fan who is annoyed that they never seem to shoot there this season, head to this tour coming up on February 18 of 9 fabulous homes. We hope to share more about this tour in the future.

4. Speaking of quintessential L.A.: I hate to say “I’m swooning” due to overuse, but literally, this Sofia Coppola-directed ad for Marni at H&M gave me goosebumps. I’m not sure if it was the commercial (I love her eye), Bryan Ferry taking me back to the thought of some 8th grade crush, or being able to score some Marni somewhere outside of Jeffrey, at a reasonable price. Thank you for the tipoff, Refinery 29.


5. Oh just click on this. You won’t be sorry.


Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

How Do You Keep Up With Your Favorite Blogs?


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image via decor8‘s (partial) blogroll

Hey All! I’m still trying to get organized, all over the place. In this case, on the web. I’ve been HORRIBLE about keeping up with my favorite blogs lately. How do you do it without becoming overwhelmed? I used some sort of reader for awhile but then I had so many hundreds of posts I had yet to read that I abandoned it; I can’t even remember which on it was!

Often I’ll just head to a favorite blog and catch up on a month’s worth of posts when I have some free time. This is not a great system though, because then I’ll forget the names of some of the blogs I love. The reader always helped me remember.

Please help me out and let me know how you keep organized and up to date with your blog reading in the comments section, and if possible, leave a link. Thanks!