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Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

A Little Moroccan Inspiration


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As I perused a Moroccan style house last night, it got me thinking about what a wealth of inspiration this far-off land has to offer. I thought I’d share a few ways Morocco’s style can inspire you at home.

One of the very first design blogs I ever started following was My Marrakesh, and it’s been such a joy to watch its creator, Maryam Montague, touted by major trendsetters and media outlets. While Moroccan inspiration has been a style influence around the world for a long time, I believe she was a major factor in making it so popular for the past few years.It’s also been exciting to see Maryam land her book deal. If you want a tome of Moroccan inspiration, pick up Marrakesh By Design stat!

It’s also been fun to follow her and her architect husband build their boutique hotel, Peacock Pavilions:

Peacock Pavilions, Morocco

Use bold colors and layers of textiles. Moroccan details you may pick up for your own home are the rich textures of kilim textiles and Beni Ouarain and groups of perforated hammered metal lanterns. Exuberant colors stand out against white walls, and one can never have too many layers of rugs, pillows and other textiles.

Borrow Morocco’s deep and electric blue. When I think of Morocco, it’s all about Yves for me. Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Berge bought his Moorish villa from French painter Jacques Majorelle. To learn more about the joint, Jardin Majorelle, I recommend this excellent post, Chic in Morocco, over at Habitually Chic. This electric shade of blue is seen in many images of Morocco.

3. Make your courtyard a peaceful retreat. While gardens as lush as those at Jardin Majorelle are rare, Morocco is full of gorgeous outdoor spaces. Many houses are riads, which have interior courtyards. While some are full of intricate tile and fountains, others, like Riad Tarabel (another private guest house where you can stay), are more subdued.

Another iconic Moroccan image is of original sixties boho queen Talitha Getty (taken by Patrick Lichfield). Minarets are a common sight from Morocco’s rooftops.

4. Stop with all that boring white and tan tile and go bold. Life is shore. Handcrafted tiles in bold color combinations and intricate patterns are the way to go sometimes.

5. You can never have too many layers of textiles, or throw and floor pillows. Just ask Yves.


Thursday, June 21st, 2012

This Week’s Link Love: Reclaiming, Recycling and Preservation


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Hi Everyone! What have you been clickin’ this week? I have to admit I’ve gotten lazy; so many of the people I follow on Facebook post such cool things that it’s become my new blog reader. I think I get about half of my favorite links from my FB peeps! Here are five of the best:

I’ve seen plastic water bottles turned into a lot of interesting things over the past few years, but these huge fish on the beach in Rio are the coolest.

These 8-16 story high trees in Singapore are so much cool than those cell phone towers that are supposed to blend in as pine trees but are oddly 40 feet higher than the treeline. These Supertrees collect and “generate solar power, collect rainwater, and act as ventilation ducts for plant conservatories beneath them.”  More on discovery.com.

Now that’s a good present! Sculptor and avid dumpster diver Matt Buttrill crafted this yoga studio for his wife from 75% recycled materials, including the beautiful windows. Check out Popular Mechanics’ slideshow of 10 Super-Green Sheds.

The Herculean restoration of Mies van de Rohe’s Villa Tugendhat in Brno, Czech Republic is very inspiring. If someone had put the slideshow on fast forward and paused at the unexpected curves in the house, I woud have sworn it was a Corb villa. Check out the full story and slideshow on Wallpaper* magazine’s site. If you can’t make it to Moravia, check out the exhibition in London this summer.

What did you enjoy looking at/reading about online this week? Please share links in the comments section.


Friday, April 20th, 2012

What We’re Clicking This Week


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What have you been checking out online this week? I have a new favorite Facebook page after seeing a picture a friend posted; it’s Organic Green Roots. Their Facebook page is chockfulla of the coolest pictures like this one:

And this one:

images via Organic Green Roots

I’m a sucker for an ostrich made out of a small pruned tree and graffiti!

Next, I am so taken by this tiny coastal home in Uruguay that Danielle posted over at The Style Files. You simply must check out the inside; it’s such a beautiful, comfortable and peaceful looking spot. Here’s a little teaser:

image from Espacio Living via The Style Files

Jenny from My Favorite and My Best always makes me spit out my coffee with laughter, yet she educates me along the way. Thanks to her, this week I found out these rugs are called beni ourain rugs thanks to her. How did I not know that? And how how funny is that goat she worked into her roundup?

image via My Favorite and My Best. I think it originally came from New York Magazine.

While I’m the world’s worst Do-It-Yourselfer, I am very tempted to try my hand at making a terrarium thanks to Nicole over at Making It Lovely. Back in the seventies, these things were as popular as macramé, and the last one I made was in elementary school in a 2-liter plastic bottle (what was up with the liters? I think they came out back when we still thought the states metric conversion was imminent). Nicole’s is much more fresh and beautiful than the one I made back then. Check out how cool hers is, with instructions and more pretty pictures here:

image via Making It Lovely

Where have you been getting your inspiration from this week? Let us know in the comments section!


Friday, April 6th, 2012

What We’re Clickin’ This Week…


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Hey all, have you been poking around the web this week? What caught your eye? Did it bring up any big questions, other than “Is Jessica Simpson having quintuplets or what?!?!?!”? Let me know what you found (or what you wrote) in the comments section. Here are five things that I enjoyed this week.

Why I blog by Coffee with an Architect. Jody Brown is so witty and smart and takes all of the pompousness out of architecture. He takes it out, blows it up, and makes fun of it. It’s awesome. I loved his article about how and why he started doing it, which he wrote almost two months ago, but I’m just getting around to. Trust me, once you go “have coffee” with him, you won’t want to leave.

I was so entertained by the stream of consciousness inspiration over at Modern Sauce. It’s like reading e.e. cummings with pictures of cool stuff, and not worrying about having to write some lame high school paper about it later. Somehow it bounces from the title of a fan fiction writer’s bondage book title to ombre tights to Lisbeth Salander haircuts to modern buildings and it all just works.

image by Drew Kelly for Dwell

Anyone who checks in here at Hatch knows I have a cargotecture fetish. I have no idea why. This dude in Dwell has his home office in one, which is atop another one that serves as a bedroom suite, all inside his loft. Check out the entire slideshow over at Dwell.

The Designer Pad: I just really dig this blog. Love the layout, love the font, love the taste, love the little icons down the left side. It’s smart, it’s easy on the eyes and it is a nice way to take a little break from work each day. It even made me click on some super expensive air filter ad on the side, and I actually thought about buying it.


Friday, March 9th, 2012

Around the Web This Week: Jenga and Snowshoes


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This week my links are all about images that made my heart skip a beat. When a 2-D image shrunk down to fit a small laptop screen bowls you over, you can hardly imagine how your heart will race in its presence. Well, for my first fave, those of you who know this blog know I love buildings that remind me of playing Jenga. Here’s the latest, it’s the Musuem aan de Stroom in Antwerp:

photo via Neutelings Riedijik Architects

Up close, it’s much more than a blocky facade; wavy windows play tricks on the eye with light, and provide an interesting contrast with the straight lines of the building:

photo by Filip Dujardin

What did I ever do before I could keep up with ArchDaily via Facebook? It’s one of my favorite ways to give myself a little break from working. This Mondrian-esque housing from Amann-Canovas-Maruri in Madrid was a refreshing sight to see. It seems so simple, yet it’s full of rhythm, clever tricks and surprises.

image by Miguel de Guzman

Going toward more simple but no less striking architecture, I loved this post over at Design Milk for sharing this amazing igloo village in Finland. It looks like something from another planet in this shot, perhaps one envisioned by George Lucas. There are a lot of wonderful photographs on their post (linked below), be sure to check it out. The duvet prints are a fun surprise.

Igloo Village Kakslauttanen in the Arctic Circle in Finland.

Read more about it over at Design Milk.

image via Simon Beck’s Snow Art

Speaking of igloos and cold weather, Simon Beck’s snow art certainly has been making the rounds online, and finally wound up in my Facebook feed. He makes these gigantic designs with snowshoes! What a way to combine a killer 2-day workout and art.  Check out more of them on his Facebook page.

What were you clicking on this week? Please share your favorite links in the comments section.