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Friday, December 9th, 2011

Around the Web This Week


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1. A “cocktail dogtrot?” Yes Please! The work of Lake Flato Architects over at Garden and Gun will give your eyes a wonderful break from whatever spreadsheet or TPS report you are working on.

PHOTO CREDIT: Misty Keasler for Garden and Gun

2. Thank you to Ms Sally from Curbed for posting the link on Facebook to a post on a blog about the awesome ironic PSA ads from the College for Creative Studies. What a tangled interweb we weave, that was a mouthful. Just check out the full post here.

3. I’m super excited that Archidose creator John Hill released his book this week – it makes me want to go to NYC pronto. While I wait, I’ll be getting to know all of the new buildings via his Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture. Order it at any of your favorite book retailers. It highlights the most important projects from the first decade of this millenium, filling a hole that exists in the NYC architecture guidebooks.

4. Got about 2 and a half minutes? Check out this inspiring video from one of our newest vendors, Defy Bags. I love the way they mix old materials with new designs and that each bag is unique.

Check out all the Defy Bags and snatch up your favorite before it’s gone.

5. I’d like to give a shout out to Lucas over at Taste Terminal for including the Urbancase Emergency Cocktail Station in his 2011 Gift Guide for the Drinker!

Check out the rest of his picks here.

Learn more about Urbancase and how it came to be here.

Order one for the drinker in your life here


Friday, November 18th, 2011

Design Around the Web This Week


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How was your week everyone? More importantly, what have you been clicking on around the web. Here are a few posts that caught our eyes around the web this week.

1. To die for home in San Francisco:

Photo: Winnie Wintemeyer for The Wall Street Journal

2. Great holiday decorating ideas from Real Simple: This article shows us some ways to keep things simple, easy to assemble and beautiful during the holidays, though here at Design Public, most of us still love paper turkeys too!

image by Ditte Isager for Real Simple

3. VisuaLingual goes to the Biltmore Estate: Wowza! $59 for a tour during the time when everything was upended for Christmas at the Biltmore preparations, and the price only goes up from there? Whatever, seeing this place and its Frederick Law Olmsted-designed grounds is still on my bucket list

Photo property of VisuaLingual

4. Oversized Load! The New York Times takes a look at  how houses get moved. Preserving a home and moving it is so much better than tearing it down; while you can pick up such houses for a song, moving them is another story!

photo by Caroline Yang for The New York Times

5. I can’t believe I had to discover this blog via Oprah magazine: Slaughterhouse 90210. The blog matches literary quotes with the likes of Snooki, Brenda Walsh and George Bluth and it is absolutely hilarious. Not so much a design site, my mind reels with ideas about how to turn these into mixed media creations for my walls.

image from via slaughterhouse90210

What clicks were you enjoying around the web this week? Let us know in the comments section!


Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Premiere of Trad Home is Live


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I’m still trying to figure out what the relationship between Traditional Home and Lonny is; all I know is that it resulted in a love child. Said child is a digital magazine called Trad Home. I’m in the midst of perusing it, and it’s pretty nice. If you’ve checked it out, let me know what you think they are going for  – is it supposed to be like Traditional Home light? Do you think they would EVER feature Brad’s redecoration of Jill Zarin’s apartment that was on the cover of Traditional Home last year? Would you call it “less traditional homes”? Can you feel me biting my tongue trying not to make a comment about a certain furniture polisher with the initials E.R.? Other thoughts?.

Click here to check out the premiere issue of Trad Home.

Also, do you have a favorite online magazine? I feel like I’m still getting to know all of them, and it seems like new ones pop up daily. Right now I’m still really enjoying Lonny (which seems like the grandmother of them all – the cool grandmother) and Rue and one from Australia I found the other day  – the name escapes me at the moment. Please let us know what you’re digitally flipping through in the comments section!

Cover image by Patrick Cline. Design by Lauren Gold and Sasha Adler of Nate Berkus Design.


Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Another Fabulous Online Design Magazine: High Gloss


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Welcome High Gloss Magazine! I actually heard about this magazine the other night while watching Chelsea Lately from Ms. Handler herself (the contents of her purse are featured in one spread). Wow, while the print magazines are disappearing, it’s opening up a lot of opportunities for enterprising creatives to create online magazines. High Gloss, you had me with the ivory donut phone and the twin Dorothy Draper dressers on the cover…


Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Environmental Tuesday: A Family Strives for Zero Waste


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I’m so happy this article is up online from Sunset. It’s an inspiring story about a family (The Johnsons) who cut out so much of their stuff and try hard to live the Zero Waste life. A commenter on their site named Stephanie summed it up pretty well “This article has stuck with me, challenged me, frustrated me, and inspired me.” Seriously, you cannot win; I remember reading about their compostable toothbrushes being sent from Australia and thinking “well, shipping from Australia kind of cancels out the fact that they are compostable.” Also, the wife mentions that she sends the little sticky strip from Netflix back to Netflix so it won’t go in her own trash. O.K., but you haven’t eliminated it. But these are the words of a cynic. The greater point is that these people are trying very hard to live smaller, produce as little waste as possible, and spend less. Their tips regarding toys, food, and wardrobes is great, and overall, if you can pick up just one good tip from the Johnsons then it was worth reading.

Speaking of working with a small budgets and small wardrobes, here is another article that will help you cut down from The New York Times this year. It’s about going a month on just six pieces of clothing and includes links to some fun blogs where people share what they come up with.

image by Thomas J. Story for Sunset Magazine