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Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

A Visit from DwellStudio


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We had a special visit from Ashley of DwellStudio on Monday…boy is it a treat when our designer friends stop by! Something spreads through the air and we all get even more excited about the products on our site…a fervor-esque excitement some might say. Ashley gave us the lowdown on all of the new 2009 DwellStudio Baby and DwellStudio Home products which James launched on our site last week…we learned a TON about the new pieces but there are a few highlights I’m just itching to share:

DwellStudio Geometry 1.) The new geometry print is amazing. It is a classic pattern that totally has a lasting quality to it (good for adults and kids and babies alike). Their color choices are spot on and the shapes are Read the rest of this entry »


Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

The Modern House with a Soul


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So I started to tell you about the Modern Atlanta Home Tour yesterday but I didn’t get very far! I wanted to show you more from my favorite home that I saw on the tour (stairs described yesterday are pictured above). By the way, I only made it to five. I’d say five to six is the maximum you can really see when driving from place to place in a five hour time limit. It’s exhilarating but also exhausting. Also, once in Decatur my car automatically drove me to Victory Vintage, and I stopped by my house for a snack before visiting the house down the street. That’s how I roll.


O.K. So first, the architects who live in the house with a soul also designed this house around the corner (photos immediately above and below). It’s absolutely gorgeous, and the inhabitants have a smart mix of high end items and art and IKEA. I just found myself wondering if all the stuff they usually keep out was smushed in the “not part of the tour” closed door rooms, or if they are really this strictly minimal. That’s cool if they are, I just know that I could not accomplish such discipline in a million years:


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Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

Thomas Jefferson – Antler Trendsetter


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As some of you know, I lived in Charlottesville Virginia for eleven years. Every time someone came to visit, we went to Monticello. Then when I went to graduate school for landscape architecture there, it seemed like I was either walking what was then the future site of my Roads teacher Will Reilly’s walkway up to Monticello or doing a historic preservation class and studying Mulberry Row, or exploring the roundabouts starting way below at his father-in-law’s estate property. Once my friend Chad even got me access to the Dome Room. I think I could give the Monticello tour with my eyes closed.

Last night I went to bed thinking a lot about old T.J. and how he had his foyer arranged. Is my life racy or what??? Anyway, it was meant to be a museum, full of artifacts from the territory in the Louisiana Purchase, maps, Natural History and American History. This is how one hangs antlers Louis-and-Clark-style,* under the auspices of a Natural History Museum:



Don’t you feel like designers today are still emulating this composition? It’s so interesting! Maybe this will bring real antlers back in, who knows.

I just received my copy of Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern (yes, I wait until books get a little cheaper sometimes, thus I’m a bit behind). I loved the way Amy and her husband David have created what they call “the nature study.” Amy describes it as “a kinetic environment where we can study and display our finds. We really have a ‘catch and release’ program with rocks, leaves, shells, plants, and branches. In order to keep it from cluttering up, we’ll study a piece for a while, and then take it back outside.” I love it! It’s so Jeffersonian! This idea also translates well for families with kids – what better idea than to provide them with their own mini-musuem.** Check out Amy and David’s Nature Study:


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Friday, August 24th, 2007

Dwell Print Collection for Fatboy

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Dwell Print Collection for FatboyLooking to coordinate your bedding and your Fatboy? The long wait is over! The new Fatboy’s by Dwell are live on the site!

This is Dwell’s first licensing deal, and we hold the worldwide exclusive for a limited time.

Check out the complete collection here.


Monday, September 19th, 2005

Online debut: ducduc


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OK, I admit it. I don’t have any children. In fact, nobody who works here has any children, so what do we know? That is why we invited all the fabulous parents who blog to Baby Blogapalooza – they actually know what they are talking about, and we didn’t want to fake it! However, we like to think we are ok at sniffing out fantastic furniture, and we’ve been choosing a lot based on what we’d want for our hypothetical children.

ducduc Austin CribEnter ducduc. Seriously, I want some of this stuff for me, and I’m 33 years old. I don’t know if this means they are great at designing furniture meant for children that is universal, or if I have some serious inner child issues. I’d like a graphic on my own bed like the one on the Alex crib, with an arrow that says “girl” (well, technically, I guess it should say “woman,” that’s not as fun). I’d also like orange Alex dresser and a PJ play table. In fact, I noticed that one of my favorite stores, Delaware River Trading Company, has a table in the window where their in-house designer has scribbled all over the top in pencil. I think I prefer the chalk version on the PJ table. By the way, once you and/or your children are tired of the chalkboard, you can flip it over to the lacquered paint side and bring it on down to the living room.

So whether you are shopping for your child or your inner child, you are good to go with ducduc. Finally, the Austin Credenza has holes in the back for all of your electronics if you do not need the toy storage capabilities!

View the ducduc collection of children’s furniture.