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College & Dorm

Tuesday, September 6th, 2005

Cool Site That is Distracting Me…


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OK, I was trying to find some links to my favorite campus designs, so I Googled “Sullivan Exeter Library” and I came across a great personal website, by one Narrow Larry. He’s an architect/planner in Houston, and his site is chock full of great photos, itineraries, folk art info and fun to read architectural opinions (I have to say, I agree with almost all of his picks).

The craziest thing I saw on his website was the Longaberger Basket Building.

Oh. My. God. I’m speechless. So I ask anyone who has read Venturi and Scott-Brown, is this the biggest duck you’ve ever seen or what? If not, what’s the biggest duck you’ve ever seen? Or is this a basket-shaped shed? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ll definitely think I’ve lost my mind.

Anyway, I promise to get back to Campus design tomorrow. There are so many great buildings and campus designs out there to admire (and a lot to make fun of as well). So for homework, check out recent work at MIT by Stephen Holl and Frank Gehry (here and here), and discuss amongst yourselves. You can do that here if you wish. Come on, I’m bored! Tell me what you think!


Friday, September 2nd, 2005

College Dos and Don’ts


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If you’ve been following along with us for this week of Design on Campus, you’ve learned a lot. So far we’ve helped you out with

. . . some cool dorm inspiration . . .
. . . how to determine whether your furniture is for Chillin’, Kickin’ It, or Keepin’ it Real . . .
. . . and how to decorate your blank walls on a budget.

Today’s Friday. Class is not in session this weekend, plus you’ve got a day off Monday. Enjoy it. We’ll leave you with a final list of tips for the semester: dorm room decorating “Dos and Don’ts”. These tried-and-true rules will have your place looking ship-shape in no time.

View College and Dorm Decor Dos and Don’ts

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Thursday, September 1st, 2005

New Category: Modern College & Dorm

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Heading off to school this weekend? Know anyone who is? Your homework: check out our brand spankin’ new Modern College & Dorm category for all the looks that will school your classmates. Be sure to major in modernism!

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Thursday, September 1st, 2005

Ask Becky: College and Dorm


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Dear Becky,

My roommate grew up in a naked house, and thus is very comfortable lettin’ it all hang out all day long. How can I avoid the view?

Afraid to Open My Eyes

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2005

What’s it for? Chillin’, Kickin’ It, or Keepin’ It Real

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Ever ask yourself, “what’s it for”?

In our marketing research for our new Modern College & Dorm category, we ran into a lot of confusion out there. We’d show one group of students a chair, for example, and the consensus was that they’d use the chair for kickin’ it. We’d show another group of students the same chair, and that second group would insist that they’d use the chair for chillin’. And still a third group — our control — would opt for keepin’ it real in the chair.

The Fatboy: Kickin' it or Chillin'?These responses left us perplexed. We regrouped back at the office and had to do some real soul-searching. We knew that a lot of our furniture was multifunctional, but it was asking an awful lot for a single college student to use one piece for both kickin’ it and chillin’. Chillin’ and keepin’ it real? Even more difficult. And kickin’ it and keepin’ it real? Forget it — nearly impossible given the limitations in current bent-ply and MDF manufacturing techniques.

Mio's Grid organizer: Kickin' it or Keepin' it Real?Granted, some DWR-ites were running their mouth at an SF party recently and let it slip to my business partner Sina that they have prototyped a new chair that can indeed serve to kick it, keep it real, and chill. I remain skeptical. They said the same thing about the Barcelona chair once, but look what happened to that — so many reproductions it’s impossible to keep it real. I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then, we’ve pulled together this Design Public guide to help you through your furnishing.

Please use it as a guideline and be careful not to use our furniture for something other than for what it was intended.

read more View our guide to Kickin’ It, Chillin’ and Keepin’ It Real.


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