Thursday, April 29th, 2010

DwellStudio’s Christiane Lemieux at SCAD


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Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a talk by the founder of DwellStudio, Christiane Lemieux, at SCAD Atlanta. We’ve been carrying DwellStudio since it was plain old Dwell, and I smiled when she put up slides of her sketches from her first collection (“I couldn’t afford a light table, so I used the window”), as they were so familiar and are still some of my favorite designs. In just a few short years, Christiane has taken a textile company and grown it into a lifestyle brand, and she is starting to become a household name among the design set, just like Jenna Lyons. Next stop Oprah?

Christiane geared her talk to the students, and laid out a path to entrepreneurship based upon her experiences. These included an education at Parsons, grabbing every internship under the sun (hers included a stint at Isaac Mizrahi), immersing yourself in the industry (manufacturing, shipping, selling, P.R., etc.), finding a niche and exploiting the heck out of new media.

Listening to these talks made me realize just how much the landscape of retail has changed for designers in the last decade. Portfolios on websites, Etsy stores, Social Media, microbrands, research, etc. have opened up so many opportunities to those who may lack a stockpile of start up bucks. Christiane encouraged students to license designs over selling them, to remain open-minded (DwellStudio’s images are used in a series of children’s books, something she’d never thought of!), to form strategic partnerships and to diversify.

She knows of what she speaks. Whenever Christiane has guest blogged over here, I’m humbled to admit they are the best posts we’ve ever published, and her own blog is beautiful. She is also one of my favorite twitterers (tweeters? whatever!). Thank you for the inspiration Christiane!

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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

A Deconstructed DwellStudio Home Collection Guide


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In glancing at the new DwellStudio Home 2010 Collection images I thought to myself, “Self, the folks at DwellStudio have such an amazing eye for putting various patterns and colors together…this is certainly something that doesn’t come easy to the rest of us. So, Self, why not create a quick and easy ‘Deconstructed DwellStudio Home Collection Guide’ to help DP peeps put together the looks they like?” And I did. This is super basic but should hopefully help create the “bedscape” of your dreams without having to go back and forth between Design Public product pages to figure out what is what.

DwellStudio Peacock Bedding in Dove; DwellStudio Gate Euro Shams in Ash; DwellStudio Pyramids Standard Cases in Ash

DwellStudio Gate Duvet and Shams in Ash; DwellStudio Chinoiserie Pillow; DwellStudio Gate Sheets and Cases in Ash; DwellStudio Pyramids Matelasse in Pearl Coverlet

DwellStudio Peacock Citrine Duvet and Shams; DwellStudio Woven Pyramids Euro Sham in Dark Bronze; DwellStudio Linen Edge in Ash Sheets and Cases

DwellStudio Etching Duvet and Shams; DwellStudio Woven Pyramids Euro Sham in Ink; DwellStudio Pin Dot Sheets and Cases

This is just a smidgen of imagery from DwellStudio. If you see any other images on our site for DwellStudio or any other designer that you’d like to me deconstruct leave a comment and a link to the image and I’ll see how I do!


Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Green Product of the Week: Unison Larch Organic Blanket


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Labor Day is over. This is when I start to think about switching up my bedding to cozy up for the winter – I like my room cold with lots of blankets to snuggle up in, and I find it’s the easiest way to switch things up when I get bored. Since I am trying to incorporate being more eco-friendly into my life, I decided go for 100% organic cotton and thus browsed DP’s sustainable bedding section.

The easiest way to keep your bedding different is to keep a neutral duvet cover and shams, and switch out your throw pillows, quilt, and/or blanket. Unison’s Larch print provides such a graphic punch that I’m picturing it changing up my bedding, and then once I get antsy to change things up again up there, throwing it over the back of my sofa to give my living room a new look.


Friday, June 26th, 2009

Flickr Faves on Fridays


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I love this use of beautiful reclaimed wood. This is from Flickr member laurasmera. Wait, that name sounds familiar, I’m having serious deja blog right now, I think laurasmera has made it to favorites before. I just hope it wasn’t this image!

Back to the photo, I would never be able to tuck sheets and blankets in that neatly, I love that blanket. Pointing the lights up onto the wood is a great idea…

As you can tell from my lame writing today, I desperately need my morning coffee. Back with more Flickr faves later!


Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Green Product of the Week: Netto Collection Moderne Dresser


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In a continued effort to find environmentally friendly design right under my nose, I present the Netto Collection Moderne Dresser. I’ve been rather obsessed with all things David Netto since that iconic Ione Skye issue of Domino. It has influenced my personal style so much, from the doughnut phone to the striped rug, the rattan to the beautiful wood floors. Now I just need a hanging chair…

What makes it green? It is made from sustainably harvested wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. All composite materials meet the stringent European “E1” toxicity standards. Finishes are non-toxic and non-VOC emitting. The is safety certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association (JPMA).

Netto is one of my favorite designers. He has such a range. He handles California Neutra houses, Park Avenue apartments, Hamptons showhouses, teenager rooms, exhibitions, nurseries and restaurants with aplomb. To see more of his design work, check out the portfolio on his website. Here’s a teaser for what you’ll find there:

I love the way he considers every object in the room, especially the way he can work a neutral palette to highlight texture and art. This makes each item, like that chair and even the firewood basket, a piece of sculpture. Brilliant!

Thank you for removing the paper towel roll and random dishtowels when styling this shot. They tend to ruin even the best of kitchen design images!

Ione Skye home from Domino, via flickr member xJavierx.

Bottom photos from David Netto Design